What do ACC parking wardens do in between socking motorists?

Hone of Remuera wrote in to tell me about an altercation he had with an Auckland City Council parking warden.

Hone had just parked his car to attend the new shopping centre in the heart of Newmarket. You know the one the one the council said to us all would add vibrancy, blah,blah, blah.

Well the council seems to think the only vibrancy they could see was to deploy en masse their parking wardens to the Newmarket area. Obviously not content with raiding the suburbs in the middle of the night they are now hounding motorists in Newmarket enjoying a Saturday of shopping.

All except one who took it upon himself to hold the queue in a store on Broadway by dithering over his pick for the Lotto draw.

He had just finished writing up a ticket for some indiscretion or something and then rushed straight into the store to purchase his own ticket.

Hone of Remuera and others remonstrated with the guy that as they employed his sorry ass they didn't think that buying Lotto tickets constituted a break. Said Parking Nazi scuttled off to write more of his quota.


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