October 2006

Banks out polling "the Dick"

John Banks has been busy.

He has conducted some private polling across Auckland and has found some interesting conclusions.

The poll puts John Banks ahead of Dick Hubbard by 2.3% among likely voters. The poll is of 600 likely voters across Auckland City, weighted for demographic and geographic accuracy across the wards. 

It also shows;

More than 39 percent think the performance of the current council has been average, with 24 percent saying it's been poor.

More than 34 percent said Mr Hubbard's overall performance was average with 23 percent saying it was poor and 17 percent very poor.


Government moves to clamp down on capitalism

Labour is intent on stealing peoples property rights.

The latest assault is on so-called ticket scalping. labour intends to make the selling of tickets for major events.

The legislation will make it unlawful to deal with sports tickets in two ways: it will be illegal to sell a ticket for more that its face value. In other words, you can on-sell a ticket, provided you do not make any profit on it; and it will be unlawful to give away tickets to a major event as part of a promotion package in a manner which suggests that they are an authorised sponsor of the event (i.e. ambush marketing by association).

So if I buy a ticket to a rugby test which subsequently sells out and then can't make it so decide to put it up for auction on Trademe to see what the market thinks of the price that will be illegal…..thanks a lot you anti-capitalist socialist losers.

Kerry hands the military vote to the Republicans

Welcome to the Youtube elections Senator Kerry.
Check also Michelle Malkin   for comment. 



My spies tell me that there is soon to be a new sign erected on the road to Auckland Airport. My spies also sent in the working copy of the sign.

Yah!! Climate Change

Looking forward to Global Warming? I certainly am and here is my new wardrobe and with the prospect of summer being all year round I may need a few of them.

Three cool Gmail add-ons

I love Gmail. I haven't used Outlook for over two years.

The other cool thing about Gmail is there are people out there who write brilliant scripts that utilise the tool even better. Here are three I have just come across that are well worth installing.

Of course they are only any good if you use Firefox. If you still use Internet Explorer then you don't deserve any help.

  1. Preview your Gmail conversations with bubbles like on Google maps. Brilliant little tool makes flicking through un-opened emails a breeze.
  2. From the same people comes a rather brilliant little tool that adds a feeds selection in Gmail that allows you to view your rss feeds from Reader.
  3. Instead of having your tray filled up with apps like Gmail Notifier, add the notifier to your browser.

There we have it wonderful little scripts to enhance your online enjoyment.

Tell me again why IE is better…..NOT! 


It's Halloween, this'll scare the punters

Ok everyone, it is Halloween so time for some mask making instructions. This mask is guaranteed to haunt houses.

Download this image and save it somewhere convenient. I saved it to match A4 dimensions.


Print the mask

The Photo Printing Wizard in Windows XP will print a photo that is large enough for a mask. Make sure to use thick-or heavy stock-photo paper so your mask is durable.

  1. Open the folder in which you saved your cropped image.
  2. Click Print pictures under Picture Tasks.
  3. In the Photo Printing Wizard, click Next.
  4. Click to select the photo you want to print by making sure that the box in the corner of the photo has a check mark in it. Be sure that other photos in your folder do not have a check mark in their corner boxes.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Select a printer and then click Next.
  7. In Available layouts, under Full Page Prints, click to select Full page photo print.
  8. Click Next to print your mask image.

Let the photo dry thoroughly before assembling the mask.

Assemble the mask

Assembling the mask starts with cutting out the mask. With sharp scissors, carefully cut around the perimeter of the face.

You can assemble your mask in two different ways:

  • If you are going to wear the mask, cut holes for the eyes and mouth. Punch a hole on each side of the mask and reinforce the holes with masking tape and small pieces of cardboard for added durability. Now tie a piece of ribbon to each hole. Use the ribbon to tie the mask around your head.
  • If you want to carry the mask, just cut holes for the eyes and then glue the mask to a paint stir stick or strip of balsa wood so that you can hold it in front of your face. This is a good option for greeting trick-or-treaters because you don't have to wear it around the house all evening.

You're done! In just a few minutes, you made a personalized mask that will at least get a few shrieks of laughter on Halloween.

Five degrees warmer…sounds positively balmy

Global Cooling Global Warming Climate Change (insert trendy description here) is a crock. How do I know it is a crock, well because in the 1970's the key phrase was Global Cooling and guess what the major causitive factor was.

Yep emissions …Human activity – mostly as a by-product of fossil fuel combustion; partly by land-use changes – increases the number of tiny particles (aerosols) in the atmosphere. These have a direct effect: they effectively increase the planetary albedo, thus cooling the planet by reducing the sunshine reaching the surface; and an indirect effect: they can affect the properties of clouds by acting as cloud condensation nuclei. In the early 1970s some speculated that this cooling effect might dominate over the warming effect of the CO2 release.

Hmmm…tell me how does fossil fuel combustion contribute to both warming and cooling.

Anyway I think an increase of 5 degrees is fantastic. No more frosts, Auckland really will be a sub-tropical paradise.

Is this because we live in an incredibly benign strategic environment?

The head of the SIS has told how New Zealand has been used as a base by people wanting to learn about or make weapons of mass destruction.

Perhaps because we are seen as a soft touch on terrorism. So much for living in a benign strategic environment.

Personal Trainers are wankers

Well Whaleoil has finally done it.

Seeing as I used to weigh 120kgs and then managed to go down to 85kgs and then back up to a mere 109kgs I thought it was time with summer ans all that coming up to go for the 85kgs again.  

Oh and my doctor called me a fat bastard, and the missus and of course Miss Whaleoil.

So off to the gym I go. Next to the office…one of those gyms where the owner seriously looks like a roid dealer.

Anyway "Buck" is there and he says "Why don't we try the 4 week programme?"

Silly Whaleoil agrees…hey losing 24kgs in 4 weeks can't be that hard can it? 

Along come day one…today. Yippee. I go to the gym and "BucK"  says we will take it easy today and getme started……fucking liar, fucking absolute bastard.

He worked me so hard i almost…and I mean almost chucked all over his gym. the silly prick even asked me if I felt ok as I dry retched in between trying to stand and catching the extremely thin air in the gym…..the legs for some stupid reason had decided that enough was enough and kneeling was as good as it was going to get. 

Did I mean "Buck" is a wanker. Oh and his diet sucks…I could tear the arse outta a rag doll right now.  

Anyway I will keep y'all posted on progress.