Dead Beat Dads owe millions

These guys are shit bags and really don't deserve to be called Dad.

They owe their children millions of dollars while they live the high life.

I know of one personally. This guy is a real piece of cake, for the last 4 years he has been sniffing drugs up his nose at a rate of $20,000 per month, living in apartments and driving around in BMW's all the while claimimg to IRD that he is poor and has no money to contribute to the upbringing of his child. Meanwhile the piece of shit tries to get access to the child which fortunately due to his drug-fucked lifestyle the court has opposed. He owes over a hundy to IRD for child support and yet he constantly claims in affadivts that he loves his kid…..yeah right, of course it is everyone elses fault for his problems. Look in the fucking mirror pal. 

Shit bags such as this do not desever the title father or dad.


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