Dear Prime Minister

Fran O'Sullivan responds to the Prime Minister's comments that she is nothing but a right wing blogger. As if that is an insult.

The article is essentially an open letter to Dear Leader.

[quote]In your case, you need to come to grips with the fact that ramming through legislation under urgency to retrospectively legalise the unlawful raid on parliamentary funds has already provoked an instantaneous reaction that is well outside the bounds of either yourself, or mainstream media, to control.

In just 48 hours, an online call to New Zealanders to endorse a "No Royal Assent to Electoral Act Violation" petition to the Governor-General has amassed 22,500 signatures. That's the reality in 2006.[/quote]

Yeah Fran, as as we speak it is over 32,287. That is 32,287 angry, mad, citizens. We are angry and mad at the Clarkist Government and we are angry and mad that Winston and his band of poodles and Dunne and his bunch of hangers on continue to support such a blatantly corrupt government.


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