Five degrees warmer…sounds positively balmy

Global Cooling Global Warming Climate Change (insert trendy description here) is a crock. How do I know it is a crock, well because in the 1970's the key phrase was Global Cooling and guess what the major causitive factor was.

Yep emissions …Human activity – mostly as a by-product of fossil fuel combustion; partly by land-use changes – increases the number of tiny particles (aerosols) in the atmosphere. These have a direct effect: they effectively increase the planetary albedo, thus cooling the planet by reducing the sunshine reaching the surface; and an indirect effect: they can affect the properties of clouds by acting as cloud condensation nuclei. In the early 1970s some speculated that this cooling effect might dominate over the warming effect of the CO2 release.

Hmmm…tell me how does fossil fuel combustion contribute to both warming and cooling.

Anyway I think an increase of 5 degrees is fantastic. No more frosts, Auckland really will be a sub-tropical paradise.


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