I reckon Trademe is a microcosm of NZ

I keep an eye open about what is talking up the boards on Trademe. It often gives me a sniff about how Joe Blow feels. A case in point was the hundred or so questions on Bernard Darntons pledge card auction and the dearth of questions or even bids on Labour's vain attempts at fundraising.

Well I just noticed this little snippet on one of the Threads.

Number 16

[quote]getting away from dollar reserves slightly, i find that tax laws for a small business are very unfair in NZ. GST with a total turnover of $40k…i mean…really when has $40k been a big income, and GST is just another tax to pay, then you Provisional tax to pay if you pay more then 2,500 in tax, its just never ending and hardly makes it worth it. Not much incentive for small business's trying to make a go of it. I know Id be better off going for a job down at Pak n Save, (less tax hassles) if i didnt love what i do so much! I wish they would make it fair on small business's.[/quote]



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