Labour planning on paying it back

Labour is readying itself to pay the stolen money back.

Little birdies are whispering that Labour has requested a doubling of their "tithe" from MP's so that the party can pay the funds back.  

They are also putting it about that paying the funds back could affect their ability to "fairly" fight the next election.

One doesn't have to be a cynic to point out that they didn't fight the last election "fairly" either after stealing $800,000 of takpayer funds.

That they should go unpunished is simply an indictment of our society and it predilection to not allow people to suffer the consequences of their actions.


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  • So your story has gone from Labour MP's are doubling their tithe to Cabinet Ministers are being asked to stump up.

    That's a bit of a shift don't you think.

  • Anonymous Sooky La-la

    Labour don't tithe their MPs? But I think they do! You may not like the word tithe, or not see it in the traditional sense (1/10th of their income), but it's certainly true that the tithe, ahem, involuntary contributions that Labour MPs make to their party are as much as doubling. Templeton confirmed this rumour in his latest Trans Tasman newsletter. And guess what – Ian Templeton used the word "tithe". 



  • Adolf Fiinkensein

    How quaint that such a Godless outfit could use such a scriptural term as 'tithing.'

  • Progressive_Jane

    Pull your head in you right wing twats. The governement overspent due to those typical slack,kiwi amateur house rules… get over it you loser. I guess your just pissed the rest of your greedy intolerant lot didnt pick up on the same holes in the rules and use it tour YOUR advantage. Me not know what you see in that nitwit Brash, is he the best your neo cons can muster up…LOL! We won.. you lost, get over it losers.   The country has moved on from old white men running the show, until you get some decent representation of modern NZ  you lot are going to be blogging as opposition with nothing more than false hope;) good luck lads….