Personal Trainers are wankers

Well Whaleoil has finally done it.

Seeing as I used to weigh 120kgs and then managed to go down to 85kgs and then back up to a mere 109kgs I thought it was time with summer ans all that coming up to go for the 85kgs again. ?

Oh and my doctor called me a fat bastard, and the missus and of course Miss Whaleoil.

So off to the gym I go. Next to the office…one of those gyms where the owner seriously looks like a roid dealer.

Anyway "Buck" is there and he says "Why don't we try the 4 week programme?"

Silly Whaleoil agrees…hey losing 24kgs in 4 weeks can't be that hard can it??

Along come day one…today. Yippee. I go to the gym and "BucK"? says we will take it easy today and getme started……fucking liar, fucking absolute bastard.

He worked me so hard i almost…and I mean almost chucked all over his gym. the silly prick even asked me if I felt ok as I dry retched in between trying to stand and catching the extremely thin air in the gym…..the legs for some stupid reason had decided that enough was enough and kneeling was as good as it was going to get.?

Did I mean "Buck" is a wanker. Oh and his diet sucks…I could tear the arse outta a rag doll right now. ?

Anyway I will keep y'all posted on progress.