Pita Sharples on Brash comments

Listen to Pita Sharples contradict himself over the Brash comments. The best line is his explanation of "equal" under the law.

Morning Report: Would you disagree though with the statement from Dr Brash, "That through six or seven generations of inter-marriage there are few if any people withion New Zealand who have only Maori ancestors"?

Pita Sharples: Yes, I would, but it is sort of irrelevant

Morning Report: Would you agree with this when he says, "That is not to deny that many New Zealanders choose to identify strongly with the maori part of their ancestry and with maori culture, that is absolutely their right"?

Pita Sharples: Yes I agree with that

Morning report: I was wondering whether or not you agree with statement, which strangely enough Winston Peters, in fact he said it was a stement or a policy stolen fron NZ First, Dr Brash said this this morning, "All New Zealanders whatever their ethnicity of their ancestors and wheneever their ancestors arrived in New Zealand must be equal under the law and all must receive help from the government based on their need not their race", do you agree with that?

Pita Sharples: I agree with it but there is more it that what he said. You see equal under the law does not mean the same.

There you go despite agreeing with Don Brash he opposes everything he says!


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