The spirit of Muldoon

Karl Du Fresne opines yesterday that the politics of vindictiveness, such a feature of the Muldoon years, seem to be making a comeback.

How right he is. He then goes on to outline how Muldoonish Labour and Clark have become.

His comments on the EB's are priceless.

[quote]I don't feel threatened by these people. In terms of their ability to influence events, the EBs can't begin to match the political firepower of the social engineers and miscellaneous political activists with whom the Government has surrounded itself. It's a case of a few clumsy amateurs with odd ideas going up against a well-organised force of highly paid professionals (whose ideas, in many cases, are every bit as creepy). For all the paranoia about the EBs, I'm not sure it's them we should be watching.[/quote] 


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