Three cool Gmail add-ons

I love Gmail. I haven't used Outlook for over two years.

The other cool thing about Gmail is there are people out there who write brilliant scripts that utilise the tool even better. Here are three I have just come across that are well worth installing.

Of course they are only any good if you use Firefox. If you still use Internet Explorer then you don't deserve any help.

  1. Preview your Gmail conversations with bubbles like on Google maps. Brilliant little tool makes flicking through un-opened emails a breeze.
  2. From the same people comes a rather brilliant little tool that adds a feeds selection in Gmail that allows you to view your rss feeds from Reader.
  3. Instead of having your tray filled up with apps like Gmail Notifier, add the notifier to your browser.

There we have it wonderful little scripts to enhance your online enjoyment.

Tell me again why IE is better…..NOT! 


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