Well that's the end of Rodney then

Rodney Hide has said that ACT would consider working with Labour if they supported tax cuts.

I don't think this will go down well in Epsom.

Has Rodney lost his mojo?

Quite possibly.


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  • AnonAwesome

    Act is dead?! Oh god, that's bleeding edge news.


    Or it happened a long time before the last general election. Who gives a fuck. National have backed down over their tax cuts because someone has whispered into dong rash's ear that it'd leave social services and such completely gutted. Labour will seize the opportunity to ease taxes and shut the inbred white middle new zealanders who only care about a couple of dollars in their pocket rather than society's wellbeing and function as a whole. Of course, mr whalecock will still piss on about tax cuts becuase he still thinks it's 1984.