Why the delay Madam Speaker?

National wants the Election spending report released tomorrow not Thursday. It beleives the government has orchestrated it this way so as to deny debate for 5 days between release and the next parliament sitting day.

Personally it doesn't really matter when it comes out because even if the findings are as we expect there is little really that can be done if Labour simply thumbs its nose at the electorate. All statutory deadlines have passed, the Police made sure of that. It would arguably be very difficult if not impossible to get a court to hear "corrupt practice" proceedings, so effectively Labour will have got away with overspending not only as a party but also as a bunch of MP's.

It could be argued that the pledge card should be apportioned across each MP thus putting them over the limit for their electorate spending and thus committing a corrupt pratice but the deadlines have passed.?

My prediction is that Labour will have gotten away with the theft of an election….for now.

The people, however, will not forget.?