November 2006

Key's Shadow Cabinet announced

John Key has announced his shadow cabinet.

Stuff Article

NZ Herald Article

Scoop Press release

Big winners are;

  • Maurice Williamson – moves to the front bench
  • Simon Power is promoted from number seven to number four and gets Justice and Commerce. He retains Corrections.
  • Wayne Mapp gets Defence and Auckland Issues.
  • Tim Grosser gets Trade and Associate Finance.
  • Chester Burrows gets Police.
  • Jackie Blue gets Women's Affairs.
  • Jonathan Coleman gets Broadcasting.
  • Kate Wilkinson gets Labour Industrial Relations.
  • Pansy Wong gets ACC and Ethnic Affairs.
  • Paul Hutchinson gets Tertiary Education.

The Aussies are mad

The Australians are mad.

It is official. They are saying that they may go into Fiji with troops.

Those troops will be dead troops if they even try to invade Fiji. The Fiji military are no slouches when it comes to combat, they have probably had more than even the Australians, funded almost entirely by the United Nations.

I don't know what all the fuss is over anyway. From where I am looking at Mr B. seems to have his head screwed on properly. The Fiji Government is seriously overstepping the mark in trying to rehabilitate Speight and his thugs.


Jim Hopkins on the Gallery

A very amusing article by Jim Hopkins in this mornings Herald on the ineptitude of the Press Gallery.

[quote]I tell you now, but you didn't hear it from me, the whole Parliamentary Press Gallery is so far down the gurgler it's the waterfront stadium in trousers. They'll be gone by deadline![/quote]

So, someone in the MSM is finally catching up on the bloggers.


Take a chill pill Dick.

Dick "flip-flop" Hubbard needs to take a chill pill.

This time he is foaming at the mouth over the Tank Farm. The real reason behind his vitriolic attacks on the fine citizens of the ARC is because he lost his chance at a gong in the New Years honours list by not providing the clear yes to the waterfront that Dear Leader and Mallard wanted.

Well boo-fucking-hoo, Dick, Cry me a river…..get over yourself, there is now less than a year to go till you're out on your skinny little arse. 

Apparently I've been arrested

Ed Brownlee has announced my arrest for sedition.

I bow down before your skills, Ed, I am not worthy.

TINA is definately worth reading especially his rather crude, yet somehow effective billboards. TINA is now added permanently to my Blog list. Welcome Ed.

Brash quits

Don Brash has resigned from Parliament.

[quote]He said he had no regrets about his decision to enter politics.

"I feel very good indeed about my four-and-a-half years here," he said. But he admitted to feeling some sadness about his decision.

"I've come to the conclusion that now is the right time for me to leave Parliament and I informed John Key of that earlier today.

"I entered Parliament in 2002 with the intention of making a difference and I leave believing that I've done that. The National Party is in great shape to win the next election and I believe that debate about economic policy and about the Treaty is more mature and more realistic than it was five years ago."[/quote]

Thanks Don for all you have done. 


Piss off Roguetuz

Roguetuz has taken it upon herself to diss me on Youtube. Silly bitch.

Well, Heather, 22 of Auckland, Aquarius, who loves stupid sappy movies like Labyrinth, I make my videos for me not for you.

So please desist from leaving me stupid whiny-assed comments on Youtube. At 22 you have no right to an opinion and since you are also a student no right to actually speak.

At 22 you are actually a net cost to this country and a waste of space, when you become a contributing member of society then by all means feel free to speak up.

By the way lose the atheist tag. I can't believe you have even the tiniest ability to reason whether there is or isn't a god to even form that opinion.

If brains were dynamite you wouldn't have enough to blow your nose. Now FRO.

The considered opinion of Mr George

Garth George is usually very considered even when he is grumpy.

Today he comments on the new leaders of National.

[quote]Mr Key and Mr English have a lot going for them. They are not academics, they have never been school teachers, they are not lawyers, they are not theoretical economists, I doubt that either has ever been a union member and they are only in their 40s.

They are men who have made their own way in life – Mr Key in particular – and know what it means to take personal responsibility and to work hard in order to reap life's rewards.

They are intelligent, too – equals of their Labour opposite numbers whose intelligence is unquestioned.

They are both family men, married with children – Mr and Dr English have six, Mr and Mrs Key two – and understand that the family unit remains the fundamental, indispensable building block of society.[/quote]

I can hear the lefty toadies and lickspittles knees slamming together in fear.  Labour will be shown up for the useless bunch of failed teachers, academics and lawyers that they are.



Meddling is as meddling does

The NZ Herald has a good editorial about the penchant of the Government to meddle, especially in the case of Telecom.

[quote]"Over the past few months, the Government has made little secret of its irritation with some regulatory agencies. Ministers have, at the drop of a hat, denounced and discarded decisions reached independently and with the benefit of expert knowledge. Now, the ultimate expression of that dissatisfaction has been delivered in the Telecommunications Amendment Bill. Taking charge of Telecom's split into three divisions will be the Minister of Communications, not, as might have been expected, the Telecommunications Commissioner. This, noted Parliament's finance and expenditure select committee, would give the minister a "high degree of control" over the process."

and this comment

"Ministers' penchant for meddling has undermined confidence in the regulatory framework, and created considerable confusion. At least, there will be no bewilderment over the splitting up of Telecom. The cloak of Government complaisance has been removed. So, too, however, is the prospect of vital decisions being made for all the right reasons."[/quote]


TradeMe pulls Panty Slut-Boy Video

True to their socialist form TradeMe have pulled the Panty Slut-Boy Video Auction. Arseholes…..add them to my list of must get even.

The fight for truth goes on. 

Meanwhile, where is Panty Slut-Boy? Still an amazing silence.