All of a sudden emails seem…..oh so insignificant

Ian Wishart and Investigate magazine have gone for the jugular on David Benson-Pope.

The article has the following warning;The Benson-Pope

[quote]What you are about to read is R18 rated, because it has to be. It is impossible for readers to understand the mind of David Benson-Pope and whether he is fit to be Minister of Social Development if we shield you from all of the specific detail that follows. Additionally, the Labour Government will again challenge Investigate to "put up or shut up", as the Prime Minister has done before, so this time we're releasing enough information to prove the allegations beyond reasonable doubt. There is other information that we hold which may become relevant if Benson-Pope chooses to make it so.[/quote]

Sounds like Wishart has got his evidence well documented.

You can buy the article online or you can wait till the mag hits the streets, any way you look at it a few old emails seem tame now.

UPDATE: Having paid for and read the article I can safely say that David "panty slut-boy" Benson-Pope is a dead man walking.

UPDATE 2: This is a laugh one of the links on Southern Kinx website is to the Hollowmens ……ahhh the sheer irony of it all. 

UPDATE 3: Those clothes pegs have got to hurt. 



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  • Oswald Bastable

    They now have a captive audience!

  • I was shocked at the name of the book about brash's emails when it came out. But now yes I'm pissing myself laughing with the irony. I have had this nickname for years, taken from the T S Elliot poem "The Hollow Men" but that's an aisde.

    The article is so far from the truth with the goings on that it should be classed as fiction. But what would you expect from a tabloid? Investigate reads almost as bad as Truth. 

    BTW – Thanks for the traffic spike :-D I'm loving the advertising you're giving me ;-)