And while we are talking about it

It seems that N.Z. is sitting on a veritable mountain of Lignite deposits. 

You may ask why this matters?

Well lignite is could be used to provide most of the country's transport fuel and petrochemical requirements for more than 300 years.

Wow that sounds fantastic doesn't it.

Nope not fantastic at all.

Despite sitting on reserves that "will still be available long after most nations have exhausted their hydrocarbon feedstocks. This will place New Zealand in a future strategic position not dissimilar to that of the oil rich nations today" according to a report the dunderheads of the Greens along with fellow "Climate Change" tosspots reckon saying the financial and environmental impacts of greenhouse gases were not considered.

Well whoopdee fucking doo….so what! Riddle me this? How does CO2 get up into the atmosphere when it is heavier than air??????

"Climate Change", Global Warming, Global Cooling…whatever the fuck you want to call it is bullshit. 


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