Labour continues to bash Handicapped

Labour supposedly the party of the under-priviledged continues to hound and attack the handicapped. A couple of years ago they brought in minimum wage requirements that closed many sheltered workshops. How many?

Well there used to be 3500 people working in workshops, now there are around a 1000.

My Brother in law was one of the ones caught up in this stupid law. His workshop closed leaving him bewildered and bereft for things to do when previously he has somewhere to go each day and a purpose and some pride. He now always says as he has been trained to that Helen Clark is a "bad lady, she closed my workshop". He says it loudly and often.  You will never shut him up about this.

Now Labour plans to kill off the sheltered workshops once and for all, with their  law requiring sheltered workshops to have formal employment agreements with disabled workers.

For fucks sake most of these people cannot legally sign any documents. The person who has the most influence in their lives is the person who spoke to them last. This is the ultimate in abuse of the handicapped and nothing more than taking advantage of them to swell union numbers.

My brother in law can't even be relied upon to vote properly so my Mother in Law actually gets two votes….more if she takes the other residents with her along to the polling booth. Yes thats right…they can't legally sign any papers, they are perpetually wards of someone and yet they can vote…well some-one votes for them…as my mother in law says it may as well be her and not the staff that gets the extra votes. 

This is a stupid law that actually hurts more people than it helps, that is if it helps anyone at all. There is actually no point ot the law. 


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