More threats from Labour

The thugs ofNew Zealand politics are at it again this time over the World Cup. CUllen has threatened to move the final to Christchurch.

He has openly come out backing the waterfront stadium that him and his henchmen proposed to deflect attention from the rest of Labour's woes.

Of course they clearly think they can steal others property so that they can have their distraction and in order to shut up dissension they threaten to take away the toys.

Well fuck you Cullen and you bunch of out of town weasel wankers, Fuck you. 

Cullen also got the brush off from Jade Stadium but that doesn't stop the plonker threatening away.

Coz you are a dumb-fuck I'll spell it out real S I M P L E. The ports land is not your land, you can't take it with out compensation or affecting the port operations. Aucklanders actually don't want a fricken waterfront stadium especially one that looks like a bedpan. So swallow your pride, tell Helen to FRO and build the stadium where it should be, at Eden Park.

The only reason the local authorities are bickering is because of your dumb suggestions. 


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