Ok on second thoughts perhaps Carlaw Park is a dumb idea

An asute reader has forwarded me a few reasons why Carlaw Park is not such a good idea.

  1. It's on the edge of a residential area – Parnell. It would have almost as many problems as Eden Park in breaching residential amenity issues like noise. Especially since its likely that rock concerts would also be heldthere to make it profitable.
  2. Parnell couldn't cope with a huge influx of people – it's a small suburb, and tens of thousands of people making their way into Parnell to party would trash the suburb, not too mention clog it with traffic and parked cars.
  3. Carlaw Park's present site is nowhere near big enough – it would require significant cutting and excavating into the Auckland domain.
  4. The Carlaw Park plan as proposed by Action Hobson councilor Richard Simpson also has some significant extravagances, such as plans to build the world's longest travelator from the CBD to Carlaw Park
  5. Lastly, Carlaw Park has been sold for development, so it's not actually available for stadium use unless the government wants to buy it from a developer at inflated pricing.

So I propose we do the best option and that is Eden Park.

Here is an idea though. Why don't we buy up the houses  that border Eden Park and create a buffer zone. That would be heaps cheaper than an abortion of a stadium on the waterfront, even if we paid the residents double the market value to piss off.


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