Scouts and Guides struggling

The Scouts and Guides are struggling with significant decline apparently escalating.

I for one am not surprised and the decline started some time ago.

Dopey old Fred at HQ, whilst well meaning and a nice guy doesn't get it. Neither does the Auckland Commissioner.

The decline in Scouting started, I believe, when they started trying to be all things to all people and also seems to coincide with the introduction of Keas. I never thought that was a good idea as I believed that it would increase burn rate from Cubs to Scouts. It turns out I was right.

I also campaigned in my district to have Scouts and Guides merged. This was opposed vociferously by the Guiding hierachy. I recruited new Scouts from the local Guide troop and they came along and they stayed proving my point.

Scouting, I believe needs to return to its roots and stop trying to be a namby-pamby all things to all people outfit that actually appeals to none.

When I campaigned to become the National Scout Commissioner I proposed some ideas that the old fuddy-duddies thought were too radical. I didn't matter that my own Scout Troop was proof of the concept and at that time probably one of the largest in the Wellington Area. What mattered was their adherence to the dogma of the time.

That adherence has now come back to bite them and the Guides on the arse. It is time for a clean out and a return to what Scouting was all about. Get rid of Keas, refocus the programme, re-write the rules and get on with it. If that means some Groups close then so be it, it is about re-building not saving what is left.


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