The Aussies are mad

The Australians are mad.

It is official. They are saying that they may go into Fiji with troops.

Those troops will be dead troops if they even try to invade Fiji. The Fiji military are no slouches when it comes to combat, they have probably had more than even the Australians, funded almost entirely by the United Nations.

I don't know what all the fuss is over anyway. From where I am looking at Mr B. seems to have his head screwed on properly. The Fiji Government is seriously overstepping the mark in trying to rehabilitate Speight and his thugs.



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  • AnonAwesome

    Bainirama sane? What are you on crack? Aside from the complete hypocrisy of the entire situation (coups are bad! People who took part in a coup cannot be in power! I feel so strongly about this i shall orchestrate a coup!), eye-witness reports have him ranting and raving about his demands not being met when there\’s been significant concessions to them, as if he\’s a mad man.

  • Whaleoil

    Qarase's government is corrupt and should be removed. The whole Ratu system is corrupt. Any government that wants to have Speight and his cronies in it doesn't deserve to govern.

    As someone who was born in Fiji and who knows several people living there all this fuss of a coup is nothing but a New Zealand and Australian beat up. Most Fijian, both Indian and Fijian alike coouuldn't give a rats arse whether they had a military government or a "democratically" elected government. The Ratus are all bent anyway and lord it over the rest so they are simple changing one lord and master for another. 

    Really you must look outside of your rose-tinted glasses and get some understanding of life in Fiji. It is not as white liberal peace-making wowsers think it is.