They said it then…but what about now

Deputy Mayor Dick Hubbard has built a reputation. The reputation as a flip-flopper. Where do we begin…Queen Street trees, Vulcan Lane….Boobs on Bikes and now with a little bit of research we have the Rugby World Cup.

November 19 2005

"It doesn't get better than today for the mayor of any city," he said, "It's not just Eden Park being the host, it's the whole of the city."

"Already the signs are positive, with residents around Eden Park welcoming the upgrade – which would reduce noise and light emissions despite an increase in seating capacity."

July 1 2006

"the city council and the Auckland Regional Transport Authority would make sure public transport was available for sports fans" talking about Eden Park.

September 13 2006

"I look forward to the outcome of the evaluations taking place and I will be working with Government to ensure that Aucklanders and New Zealanders get the best possible result: a world-class stadium we can all be proud of," 

Eh!! what happened to Eden Park being the host and the transport hub and, and, and what about his stupid picture jumping like the dork he is under the posts at Eden Park. 

I think I'll just pop my "Hubbards" on and go for a walk on the beach….Cap Shirt, Hubbards…kinda has a nice ring to it. Can't wait till his new cereal comes out…I believe the working title is "Flip Flops", made from the spine of a jellyfish.


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