Waterfront Stadium B/S Exposed

Are the Waterfront people Cheating?

I think so and here is why.

Here is a photo supplied to the NZ Herald depicting the Stadium from the Marsden Wharf end.

Note the height of the Container cranes shown in the picture on Bledisloe Wharf particularly the boom height. According to Axis Intermodel those cranes are; 40/70 tonne Noell(on B3), 40 tonne Paceco (on B2 and B3) and 35/50 tonne Liebherr Harbour mobile.

Container Cranes of those dimensions are capable of lifting those maximums up to seventeen containers wide to a height of 30.5m above wharf level.

The light standards that illuminate the wharf area are also 30m in height.

The designers of the stadium state that it will be 37m high.

As you can see the Stadium is at the same height as the booms in the above picture and below the light standards in the picture to the right.

I have taken the liberty of showing approximations of those heights in two images.

One a close up showing the height of 30m as opposed to 37m and the second showing the Marsden image with the new height applied. Of interest is the Union House building in both media supplied pictures that has the criss-cross framing. This building is 43m tall to the top of the frame.

So it looks like Mallard and his designer pals are using smoke and mirrors to deceive us all.

The final joke of it all is that the image and designs that the Auckland City Council displays for us to decide upon are all lies as well.

As you can see from my last image which has an overlay of their image over the view from Google Earth the design fits perfectly with Bledisloe Wharf not the propsed site.

So from the proponents of the Waterfront Site we have lies, obfuscations, poorly designed graphic images and costings that don't come close to reality.

Do we really want a Stadium built upon such falsehoods?

I certainly don't…the sad thing is that it took me a couple of hours to pull all this together from publicly available information and the Mainstream Media haven't even come close to this.

NOTE: All pictures link to larger versions.


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  • Al

    If public works occurred at the rate that your average-talkback-calling-Aucklander wanted, NOTHING would get done here. If the stadium goes up, rail & boat transport will follow. Who going to give a sh*t  about the World Cup the day after it's over? If we win, lovely, everyone will take credit for the building…if the boys don't win, they'll probably rename it and have trade fairs & concerts. Stop arguing about the logistics when you can't do anything about it anyway. Go train as an architect and make a difference that way. 

  • Whaleoil

    Sure, send to me at whaleoilbeefhooked(at)gmail dot com

  • DenMT

    Whaleoil, do you want me to email the CAD reconstruction, or do you only accept analyses that support your opinion?


  • Whaleoil

    Well for one I don't care how high Eden Park is, the higher the better as far as I am concerned so long as it casts its shadow over Helen Clark's house.

    Also resident issues can be solved with the application of cash i.e. buy the whingers houses.

    The waterfront idea is neither iconic nor sensible. 

  • Coyote


    Whaleoils images have the 37 meter mark hiding the rollover from the higher portion of the roof while the bottom isn't even on the warf. The top of the roof is clearly between his two height marks.

    There is also NO allowance made for perspective of the height of the helicopter that filmed the waterfront for the animations. It WASN'T flying with its skids in the water. 

    Labour didn't produce the images, they are professional renderings carried out by e 3D animation experts at the instruction of an architectural firm. They got paid to do a job and they did it. It's shown as 35/36 meters high with 34 being the actual design. allowance is made for final positioning.

    You're using bloody google earth and blowups as a basis for attacking a professionally rendered image? Hell lets just draw up the plans in crayon while we're at it shall we?     

    Have a cup of tea and go for walk, not everything is a freaken left wing conspiracy.



  • Whaleoil

    Perspective doesn't come into it, perspective would have made the stadium look bigger not smaller.

    the only Google Earth image used is used to align the image produced on the ACC website which clearly shows the drawings are still on Bledisloe.

    I think the professional rendering are great but the information supplied to the guys who did it is clearly false.

    Perspective also doesn't account for the disparity in height between the Union House building and the Stadium. 

  • Captain Crab

    So politicians lie? And you are surprised? Who cares, build it anyway.

  • Coyote

    It does when you're looking down from the height of the chopper taking the pictures.

     Thats elementary tech drawing.

  • Anonymous

    Agree. It's quite possibly slanderous and actionable as well. Leave the crayons to the kids.

  • Whaleoil

    Anonymous is just another way of saying please ignore my comment.

  • Anonymous Sooky La-la

     Why haven't you analysed Eden Park's images? They are very very deceptive.

  • DenMT

    Whaleoil, if you give me an email address I will post you the CAD analysis I have done on the stadium rendering, which shows pretty thoroughly that WAM did a very fine and accurate job of compositing the render and photo for scale, if one uses Union House as the basis for comparison.



  • David & Brett

    thanks DenMT for your posting at http://pc.blogspot.com/2006/11/stadium-drawings-deceptive.html#comments,
    We were starting to wonder myself if we'd done it right.

    There's no conspiracy guys…. but that doesnt mean they're not out to get YOU. :)

     choose a location. argue design later. we should all listen to Robbie. Dick knows.

    David & Brett
    Not Weta Digital.

     whale oil beef hooked