December 2006

Jetskiing at Rotovegas

This jetski boogies…we have just returned from a round Mokoia Island trip with the majority of it travelling at over 100km/h….that is scary fast at that 10mm above the water.

Ouch!… I got a crick in my neck

Now that has gotta hurt.

More on powernaps

I have really been thinking hard about those powernaps.

When I was at Rotorua Bunnings I saw they had “Power Gardens” for sale, are these related to “powernaps”.

I also thought about those “safe” drivers that use “powernaps”. Do they use “powernaps” as they drive and is it safer to use them in conjunction with cruise control.

Could comeone at LTSA or Transit please explain.


Political Quotes

The Herald has some political quotes of the year.

The best ones IMHO are;
"An orchestrated litany of Thais,"
 National MP Maurice Williamson’s observation on embattled Labour MP Taito Phillip Field’s cover story for hiring Thais to work on his home in Samoa.

 "We won’t pay the money back." 
Labour Minister Pete Hodgson, gets a bit ahead of the Government’s script by ruling out any repayment of Parliamentary Services funding for election campaign material.

"When you look at it from the outside, it’s either incompetence or political bias."
Don Brash attacks the police for not prosecuting Labour over breaches of election spending laws.

Of course they have forgotten the memorable quote from the Prime Minister in parliament. "Labour played by the rules"

Mr Hussein meet Mr Noose and his good mate Mr Trapdoor

This is the actual hanging of Saddam taking with a mobile phone video camera. Adios Saddam! Nos vemos en el Infierno.

Council waste continues

The Auckland City Council are a bunch of wastrels.

They spent over $160,000 on overseas travel. Hubbard and Hucker easily outstripping all the others with $43,163 and more $30,000 respectively.

Figures show that they continue to blow hundreds of thousands on travel. Other councils are not so free and easy with their rate payers funds.

  • Auckland Regional Council spent $16,200
  • North Shore City $25,000
  • Waitakere City $39,412

Time for Dick and Co to take a hike.

A labourite with integrity – hard to find

Fran O’Sullivan once again calls Labour to account for its lack of integrity.

[quote]looking back over the past 12 months it was impossible to find any MP in the caucus ranks who had the guts to call Labour to account for its two serious political misjudgments: its handling of the Phillip Field affair and the election over-spending scandal.[/quote]
The majority of the article is talking about Andrew Little and his stand against Labour’s troubles.

She as usual saves the best lines till last.
[quote]It’s also obvious that with the preponderance of ex-unionist MPs, Labour hardly needs another one to swell its caucus ranks.

It remains desperately short of the business people, lawyers, farmers, accountants and professionals with the necessary knowledge and management skills to drive an increasingly pervasive state.

And it lacks integrity and moral valour.

On that aspect, Little rates.[/quote]

Yep,  she is right, no integrity, no moral valour, scum in other words.

Is it just me?

Or does Fox News on 57 Sky just rock.

It begs the question where is our own Fox News for NZ…anyone interested in setting one up with me?


Hollowmen to haunt Labour

Now people have had a chance to read Nicky Hagers book we will now see the pressure come onto the government to fess up.

Matthew Hooten points out that Labour must surely be complicit in this case as they have known about a large number of the details of the emails.

This could well be New Zealand’s own Watergate and the evidence will point point increasingly to the top levels of our government.

Saddam hung

Saddam Hussein has been executed and not before time either.

Good riddance arsehole. Hope it hurt.

It has been reported that the witnesses danced on his body.

Hanging really was too good for this wanker.