Catholic Church guarantees bumper Christmas for Hell Pizza

Sometimes you have got to wonder at the wisdom of those in the Catholic Church.

They made a big song and dance over a stupid cartoon and promptly made it the most popular programmes almost like for ever.

Now they are repeating the mistake and condemning Hell Pizza for their condom advertising for Lust Pizza.

They want a boycott of Hells. All they will succeed in achieving is a bumper Christmas for the pizza chain.

Hell Pizza is typically irreverent in its comments.
[quote]"If the Pope himself had tried the Lust pizza he might be a converted customer."[/quote]

Now off to buy me a Hell Pizza for dinner.


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  • Leonidas

    reply to Lucyna

    Like I said, It might just be the way the media portrays it. Look, most people I know would rather have teath pulled than listen to the church. Its up to them to find another way. Aparently the have a 1600 year old book with all the answers, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see the current plan is not working.

  • Leonidas

    I could’nt agree more. in fact I work in the advertising industry and when I saw the hell campaign I knew there would be a backlash. but what I am talking about is the fact that when we come across something that offends, there must be a more creative and effective way of getting our point across, of getting things changed and that starts with people DOING instead of TALKING. I congatulate you on your action and standing up for your beliefs, rest assured, I too will not be purchasing anything from hell.

  • I think this is different to the South Park episode.

    When you are talking about a TV program the individual has little power to hit the pockets and making a noise simply makes everyone wonder what the fuss is about but when you are talking about a relatively cheap consumer item it might work out differently, especially when far more people are pissed off about the Hell Pizza issue than were about the South Park issue – we all knew that South Park was just taking the piss but Hell Pizza are way out of line.

    A lot of parents who don’t hold any Christian values at all are pissed off that Hell Pizza overrode their rights as parents and put things in their letterboxes for their pre-schoolers to find – Pre-schoolers love checking the mail for mum and dad. 

    I am a mother of 4, I can assure you that if that crap had turned up in my letterbox Hell Pizza would have gotten an earful from me and not because of my religious views but because of the sheer contempt Hell Pizza displayed for parental rights.

    My kids get taught about sex when I decide to teach them about it. No one else gets to infringe my right to educate my kids, not the state, not family planning and not the local pizza company.

    Hell Pizza will never, ever, ever see any of my money, ever again and no, I am not Catholic.

    I have heaps of friends, with all sorts of worldviews, who share my commitment to never buy or eat a Hell Pizza ever again. Frankly anyone who claims to be right wing should join the boycott. Hell Pizza are right up there with the worst of the nanny state lefties.