PSB approves the Whangamata Marina

Finally the Whangamata Marina Society has the result it deserved. So Labour cops another flogging after deciding initially that the law didn’t apply to them.

Panty Slut-Boy today announced that he is giving the go ahead to the construction of the marina.

He also announced some new provisions of the approval;

  • monitoring any long-term effects on the Whangamata sand bar.
  • ceasing work if any archaeological remains are discovered until a contingency plan is in place.
  • the removal of a slipway prior to the operation of the marina.
  • the Department of Conservation be consulted on the management plan for the operation of the marina.
  • the Department of Conservation be consulted on the ecological monitoring plan and to be involved in monitoring fish and shellfish at Moana Point.
  • Greater involvement of the Department of Conservation in the enhancement of the salt marsh that will be used for placing fill from the development.

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  • surfer dude

    Surfer? Dude?

    Do you have a preconceived idea of the Archetypical Surfer ? Dude?

    And I suppose you simply use a spell checker?

    Your prejudices reveal themselves in the manner that you focus on cheap shots to belittle my surfing compatriot here, instead of focusing on the valid point he makes.

    The Figure of 7% of our population surfs, is derived from a Hilary commission report carried out in 1998, which also highlights the fact that more people Surf in New Zealand than play Rugby. In addition, surfers cover a wide demographic of society, lawyers, doctors, airline pilots, All Blacks, and yes even dole bludgers. Surfers are ordinary New Zealanders with an appreciation of our country’s natural asets.

    If I told you we were going to bowl down Eden and put up a parking lot (for gin Palaces in this case) how would you feel?

    What makes Whangamata so precious to Surfers? Essentially, it comes down to two things,

    1. It is a town surf break, which there is very few of, and as such, a valuable resource for our young to get out from behind play station consoles and participate in a healthy pursuit.

    2. It Cranks!! Surfers appraise waves in a similar fashion as a Golfer appraises a golf course, some are better than others, this Town Surfbreak has produced nearly a dozen National Champs over the years .

    the reason the Consent process has taken so long is that the Environment Court has been extremely sympathetic to the Marina Society, It was pointed out to the Society that they needed to change the Regional coastal plan (marinas variation). So instead of declining the consent the marina Society was given an interim decision, and could continue after these changes were made.

    This took about two years , after which they carried on with the consent process. Then it was pointed out The Marina Society had to make changes to regional coastal statement, again another interim decision, instead of throwing out the marina application.

    These directives were given to the Marina Society! Not the Thames Coramandel District Council ! Mind you, the two are one and the same, there have been numerous private meetings between the two, without minutes presented. To this day, TCDC have still not met with local Iwi or surfers to hear our concerns. The Marina Society have been very well looked after, actually.

    And you consider Chris Carters Veto unfair? there is controversy surounding Nick Smith, when he was Minister of Conservation in 1997, he “persuaded” the Department to drop its appeal against the marina. against the wishes of Doc Staff at the time, now there’s political interference for you! oh yes, and he visited Whangamata, met with the Marina Society, but not local Iwi, or Surfers. Wheres the balance?

    I have been traveling to Whangamata since the late seventies like many tens of thousands of other surfers and now it is been given exclusively to an elite clique of society.

    The media has paid scant attention to our side of the story, if you are open minded enough, check this out

    Oh, and by the way many “kiwibattlers” are now realising that they will have nowhere to launch their trailer sailers, as the existing boatramp is to ripped up during construction of the marina when it is built, modest kiwi battlers will have to launch via the marina, a modest fee included of course.

    This is not just about a marina, there are big plans to put in 1.5 billion dollars worth of townships throughout the Coramandel, but not many people know about that either.
    Just one other thing, a little respect for anothers point of view goes a long way, even if you disagree with it.
    Have nice day.