January 2007

Outstanding Press Release

It is bad enough when you silly little stunt gets snapped. It is worse when everyone mocks you for it.
[quote]PR: Young Nationals concerned for welfare of Beehive staff

The Young Nationals have today lodged a complaint with Occupational Safety and Health on behalf of all the Government press secretaries in the Beehive.

"We’re very concerned that these press secretaries have been forced to spend all day on a keyboard, voting against John Key. Their employer should not be requiring them to endanger their health like this" said Young Nationals President Matthew Patterson.

Mr Patterson is referring to revelations in the Dominion Post today that over 17,000 votes in a Dominion Post online poll came from parliamentary computers.

"Did their overseers ensure that they took proper breaks of at least ten minutes every hour? Were they provided with ergonomically correct keyboards to facilitate their multiple online voting activities?"

"We call on the Department of Labour to investigate these practices and ensure Government press secretaries are not being put unduly at risk" [/quote]

Nothing to see here, move along

Helen Clark is becoming more and more like Muldoon as the days progress. From her haughty arrogance to her snarling cackle the resemblence is uncanny.

Her latest attempt at Muldoonism is to snub John Key’s invitation to actually see with her own eyes what she and her lickspittles deny even exists.
[quote]"I welcome the Prime Minister if she wants to come with me on those visits. We can go together and if she doesn’t, I’ll go on my own. If she doesn’t recognise there’s an underclass that’s growing … she’s welcome to that opinion, but I don’t think New Zealanders share her view."[/quote]

Yep, John, 80.9% think you are right and she is wrong.

Fricken' Cheats, caught again

Wonders never cease.

The labour lickspittles in parliament have been trying to curry favour with the Killer Queen by serial voting on a Stuff poll to skew the results.

When will they learn? Probably never, socialists are born cheaters.

Are they so used to cheating that it is the first response to anything they do? Unfortunately it seems that is so.

Incidentally the poll though unscientific shows that 55% think John key will be the next Prime minister, a second poll shows that despite the lickspittle denials that an underclass exists 80.9% say it does and that it is growing.

As my kids say…"So long, suckers"

Thought for the Day

Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways – Chardonnay in one hand – chocolate in the other – body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming "WOO HOO, What a Ride"


Shane Jones to finally stand down, well maybe

Shane Jones has been rifling the public purse for well over a year now despite earlier pledging to stand down from his position as Chairman of the Maori Fisheries Commission.

Now he has said he will stand down, but not until March!!!

Tick Tock Tick Tock, bye bye El Jefe

El Jefe’s days are numbered.

The Killer Queen is killing him slowly.

Panty Slut Boy makes it to CYFSWATCH

CYFSWATCH has republished the sordid details of Panty Slut-Boy and his whacking good times in the Dunedin BDSM scene.

I note that there is also a good google search available for Panty Slut-Boy.

Waste-O-Meter is now Live

The Labour Party Waste-O-Meter is now live.

Watch those numbers spin round.

Road Trippin'

A Fair Go for All

John Key has delivered his first major speech and aren’t the lefties just having a spew about it all.

labour will be worried, not only have they essentially lost the Maori vote they will now be losing the vote of middle New Zealand who will read his words and agree.

It is time for the Killer Queen to depart, enough is enough, oh yeah and Helen, Pay it Back would ya.