Coldest December in 60 years

They say Global Warming like it is a bad thing, but right about now I’m thinking bring it right on.

Niwa has released figures that show December 2006 was the coldest for 60 years.
[quote]"Temperatures were 2 to 3degC below normal throughout New Zealand during the first half of the month, with little change during the last two weeks[/quote]
Now I hesitate to point out that that 60 years covers the Global Cooling predicament we were all facing in the seventies, you know the one, the predicament that was going to doom the planet.

It also covers the Global Warming phase that is supposed to doom the planet as well. Both of course are caused by the exact same things!!! I kid you not they are….just go to Wikipedia for "global cooling" and "global warming" and check out the causes. Exactly the fucking same…where I come from this is called bullshit. I am not kidding, exactly the fucking same.

Anyway, being a "Climate Change Denier", a title I wear proudly, I say stuff the friggin’ Polar Bears, they best adapt, real fast, I want Global Fucking Warming, and I want it right fucking now.


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  • dw

    OK, take a deep breath now.

    Global cooling was a theory based on the power of aerosols (yes, including CO2) to scatter light, thus leading to a reduction in temprature.

    Global warming arises from the way some molecules (again including CO2 but also ozone and water…) absorb infra-red radiaiton – sometimes called the greenhouse effect – leading to an increase in temperature

    I’m sure you’d agree these are very different processes, and that everyone acknowledges they happen. Things like burning fossil fuels can have multiple effects on a system acting in different directions – what matters is the net effect. As it turns out the warming effects trump the cooling ones

  • Kevin Brown

    Global warming is a chicken little conspiracy theory.

    I analyzed the data and I found that most of the research has been doctored. Plus there was software used and the source code was not released to be peer reviewed that processed the data. This shows that the scientific method was not even followed.

    Climate change is happening due to plate tectonics, lava flows, shifting ice bergs, solar activates, meteors, and the shifting of the magnetic fields of the Earth. It is part of a process that has gone on for millions of years before humans learned how to pollute with CO2. Remember the Dinosaurs? One meteor hit and caused a massive climate change and wiped them all out. If global warming is to be believed they would have us think that Dinosaurs wiped themselves out by driving gas guzzlers and using fossil fuels to bring about global warming, that changed the environment into one they could not live in, and thus the died.

    If you bothered to do any research you’d find that the CO2 levels in the air are quite small. But have increased, but not so much to cause more than 1 degree change in temps over the past hundred years or so. If the rate it is going keeps up, we will be 10 degrees warmer in 1000 years. The sea level rises 1 mm each year, at the rate it keeps going we will have 100 mms in 100 years, or 10 cms raised. Better start building that ark now! LOL!

  • Coyote

    You’re a dick Richard.

  • Whaleoil

    I bet his surname is Cranium