How are we going with the State Censorship of the Web?

Not good.

A little tip, you mendacious, lickspittles in the Government. You will not shut them up, the best plan now is to do nothing.

Take a little advice from a t-shirt I wear.


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  • Not Good?… Not!

    CYFSwatch blog went quiet for five days and now it has magically been updated with a whole lot of weak stories against CYFS that would make a fair minded person dubious and a whole lot of others that would make the case for mocking CYFS unfair.
    Most humourous of all is that Google has made a statement on the blog having been exposed that they are filtering the News search results. As it is Google that the Govt has very obviously enlisted to censor news searchs (which also went very quite for the past 4 days.
    In Googles speel they mention all related (15 odd) search terms that are popular except the obvious one CYFS. That returns only the now state run pretend Blog and other well known and would be well missed sites. Like CYFS itself and PANIC.
    They make out that attention to CYPS is uncontrollable and healthy.

    And all the Sheep of NZ go Baaaah as the wool falls down over their poor eyes.
    The Step drop of articles and the now hand picked ones of a clearly highjacked blog are a poor effort at a clever strategy that should have been managed better by the Govt stooges.