It is all going to end in tears

The world is closing in around Phillip "el Jefe" Field.

The EPMU has abandoned him and is now applying intense pressure on the party.

Clark and Williams cannot keep a lid on this much longer despite their best efforts.

Is this the Killer Queen‘s "Bridge Too Far"?


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  • Adolf fiinkensein

    Adolf (the real one) heard some pompous pontificating prick on Radio Left Wing the other day talking about Field and the idiot mused that Clark was quite secure in her hold on parliament without his vote and it appeared National had given Labour ‘a pair’ during his absence.

    Where does Radio Left Wing dig up these fools whose views are absorbed by listeners as gospel?

  • Adolf Powell

    Hi all

    Whale must be getting a bit limp in his old age….. Maybe the Japs having a whale of a time in the southern pacific makes Whalemeat feel a bit har pooned.


  • Whaleoil

    Hey fuck nuts, take your ranting elsewhere, it isn’t wanted here.

    I am the only one allowed to rant here.

  • Adolf Powell

    Hi whale

    I like to ratnt as well, come on, I am only saying what others won’t put on blogs incase the PC brigade get them.

    Your just pissed someone else is a bigger non PC racist ‘biggot’ than you.

    A thousand kisses to whale

  • pdq

    There are five words that you are bound to have heard before. I had not heard them before Labour helped itself to a $1m or so of our money and stole an election, and I suspect that no one else had heard them before either. But I have been hearing them ever since. They sound evangelical. They sound honest and good. They are convenient and sound well meaning. They almost sound as though they are saving us all the cost of looking into things more closely. They sound marvelous (if you are a Labour politician).

    They sound like a hand-full of crap to the rest of us.

    “Not in the public interest”.

    And we will be hearing those words at least once more.

  • Whaleoil

    Here’s a thought…It’ll be the only one you are likely to have.

    Get your own blog and stop wasting space here, where I actually pay the bills to kepp it running.
    Fuck off already.