Why I won't consort with the enemy

The seems to be this keen-ness for blog drinks with namby-pamby cotton wool socialist wankers.

I for one will not attend. I consider it to be tantamount to consorting with the enemy.

I loathe and detest the apologists of the left. Their arrogant holier than thou spouting about “progressive” policies, their silent approval of crooks and thugs and the tacit approval of theft from the public purse precludes me from sharing a room let alone a drink with these oxygen thieves.

I am not a polite person, if I meet fools I am almost obliged to tell them that they are so. It would actually be hypocritical of me to consort with the enemy.

Lickspittles like Jordan actually make me sick with their blind allegiance to the Killer Queen. I wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire, I certainly won’t share a drink with them.

I prefer the company of people I actually like or admire and share common goals. Socialists by and large sicken me with their pursuit of mediocrity. In fact socialist is probably too good a name for them. Perhaps I will start calling them mediocratists.

Unions and the current Government are the epitome of the mediocratists debasing our society to the point where a large proportion are actually now bludgers from the state. We no longer celebrate greatness, we seek to punish it.

Wealth is the great evil, we must all be forced to part with it.

I on the other hand find wealth liberating. The more wealth I have the less I find that I care two hoots about the government of the day. The government actually hardly touches my life anymore nor that of my friends. It does however touch my employees and my customers in ways that disgust me.

That is why I blog to draw attention to that which others are too afraid or unwilling to say. That is my reputation in life to say that which is uncomfortable. I do not resile from it. I am known for my bluntness and that is the usual persona taken on this blog. I prefer to use few words to describe what others would take many to. It certainly doesn’t mean I can’t use flowery words or sentence structure because I can, I simply choose to be short and blunt.

That in essence sums up why I will never consort with the enemy. You can stick your drinks up your arse.

On the other hand if true conservative blogger want to organise drinks with a token socialist whose role will simply be a pinata for us to whack then I am in with a grin.


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  • I agree and you are a star for pointing this out Whaleoil.

    Why the FUCK would you want to drink with people who are only going to seek to antagonise you further with socialist namby pamby shite?

    People want to attend these blogger drinks with you just to see if you are in real life what you are like on the blog. They can save their time with me – when provoked by a piece of socialist muck in a bar, I am worse. The blog can’t throw a right hook or “accidentally” elbow you in the face. I can.

    The venues picked for these functions are dingy middle class student places that I would never go to as they have cheap tap beer and cask wine and what’s betting the little fuckers don’t pay their tabs in any instance?

  • Leonidas

    Thats NCEA maths for you.

  • Whaleoil

    Nope, I don’t care what (S)Mellie with a silent “S” thinks, nor any of your pathetic pals, Thanks for visiting though.

  • Coyote

    Is this thing ON?

    We don’t WANT to meet you, you people are socialist scum.
    We don’t like you and don’t want to seen with you.

    Fucking cry baby commies. Mummy the big bad conservatives wont play us.

  • Coyote

    Chronics ongoing Panty Slut Boy shaped blind spot possibly or Wlibur may have more knowledge is the sick shit that these types get up to.

    Like all psycophantic socialists who have their lips stapled to the Killer Queens ass Chronic thinks the antics of DBP are of no interest to the world at large but Don Brash engaged in heterosexual activities make him unfit for office.

    Something to do with be a hypocritical sack of shit like all these plastic communists.

    Isn’t it amusing how insane these tools are going simply because we’d rather have rectal cancer then be seen drinking with them.

  • Coyote

    Whaa! Whaa!

  • Coyote

    I think its pretty obvious that you’re just another whiny bitch leftie troll who spends a disturbing abmount of time with his chums fantasizing and swapping notes about conservatives penises.

    We on the other hand don’t give you a second thought.

    Which is why you’re always at our sites, not the other way round. Its called obsession and its not healthy little man.

    Might want to be careful about that urinal cruising thing you’ve got going on as well. It might be ok for rock stars and PM’s wives but some guys (actual men, not metro-sexual emotional eunuchs) can get real annoyed with it. Also not good for your health.

  • Leonidas

    It seems these socialists are too p.c. for their own good. they are so hamstrung by their own ideals they cannot even level a half decent insult. If the likes of Brown, Mclaughclan and sonic were attempting to use words as weapons, one can only draw the conclusion that they are shooting blanks.

  • Spirit Of 76

    God dammit !

    Who let that awful fucktard Sonic in here ?

  • Russell Brown

    “That is why I blog to draw attention to that which others are too afraid or unwilling to say. That is my reputation in life to say that which is uncomfortable. I do not resile from it …”

    I think “bore” is the word you’re reaching for.

  • Whaleoil

    Who pushed your button Brown?

    Fuck off back whence you came. The last time you came crawling here you left with tears and wailing, I suggest you scuttle off again before I get more nasty than I already am.

    The only “bore” I know is the 12 Bore I’ll use to defend myself with.

  • I am an anonymous Sooky La La and I think you have your head up your arse.

    Do you care?

  • Coyote

    You’re a dickless fuckwit chronic.

    Runaway back to the Farrars Reservation for the Terminally Deluded.

  • sonic

    I think I’ll leave it there

    Sonic 1, Whale Oil 0



  • Whaleoil

    You can’t even keep score properly.

    it is more like;

    Whaleoil and Friends 37
    Sonic and the Socialists 0