February 2007

Now there's an idea

Lawmakers in Ohio said today they want to force convicted sex offenders to use a fluorescent-green license plate on their cars so they can be easily identified.

Brilliant, maybe we can have other colours for other criminals.

Of course opponents of the proposed law argue the use of a special plate would stigmatise everyone who shared the offender’s car — including their spouse or children.

Oh now there is a crying shame….NOT!

There are some down-sides, no-one would want lift from them, ever. The up-sides are that no-one would steal your car.

Three cheers for Mr Hubbard's heritage successes at Auckland City!

Hip Hip Hooray

Hip Hip Hooray
Hip Hip …. oh. Oops.

but don’t worry, the council has forced the BNZ to keep the old
window frames. Now THAT’s what I call good heritage.

Garth George on the watermelons

Garth George writes considered and conservative articles and todays is no exception.

He writes about the ramming through of Bradford’s anti-smacking bill against the overwhelming tide of public opposition.
[quote]More recently the public majority have been ignored while politicians have, among other things, lowered the drinking age, legalised prostitution and mandated civil unions. And, it should be noted, all but the drinking age law were introduced into Parliament while Labour governments were in power.

However, this is a Green Party initiative and when it comes to social engineering, the pinkish socialists of the Labour Party can’t hold a candle to the bright red Greens, whose determination to force us all to live the way they think we should makes the old Soviet politburo look like a bunch of benevolent uncles.

I always thought that democracy was created so we could have, in Abraham Lincoln’s immortal words, government of the people, by the people, for the people. But that doesn’t seem to be the way of it any more.

Thanks to the corruption of our electoral system, democracy has transmogrified into government of the politicians (if our electorate tosses us out, we can stay on as party list members), by the politicians (we know best, so you’ll do it our way), for the politicians (we’ll stay in power no matter what we have to do or what odious compromises we have to make).

I always thought, too, that so-called conscience votes were just that – an opportunity for parliamentarians to vote according to their personal beliefs and not have to toe the party line.

No more. The rotten electoral system, with its self-serving coalitions and alliances, has put paid to that, too, and now we have Labour whips flogging their MPs into line in case their vote might offend an individual or group on whom it depends to govern. You can smell the stench of that from North Cape to Bluff.[/quote]

Excuse the pun, but that is as a good a flogging as the government has gotten, even Panty Slut-Boy would admire that flogging.

What do you get for $1 million?

If you are the government the answer is sweet fuck all.

The Government has spent well over $1 million on a recruitment drive via a website to link New Zealand employers with skilled overseas migrants.

So far this year New Zealand has two, yes two vacancies advertised and boy are they plum jobs too, a nurse and a hairdresser.

The website is supposed to attract skilled foreign workers to help ease the country’s skills shortage. (a nurse and a hairdresser!!!!)

Twenty-eight job vacancies were on the website last year. Wow!!! that many?

The website cost $1.15 million to design and set up, and a further $86,400 a year to keep running – is a complete and utter failure. Absolutely….$86400 a year to maintain…WTF are they maintaining with only 28 jobs last year that is $3085 to essentially cut and paste some fricken text……Rort, smells like one, tastes like, most probably is one.


Well Whoop-di-do, Prime Minister Helen Clark is to meet George Bush.

So what, My old man had breakfast with him well over a year ago well before silly old Helen or the duffer that pretends to be our foreign Minister.


Feel the vibe, man

Does anyone know anyone who voted for the fool Hubbard?

Anyone?, anyone?

Todays fool statement from the fool is that he calculated, and I use the term loosely, calculated the $500 million return of his junket to Hamburg based on a "vibe" and guesswork.

I wonder if he kept the table napkin he did the working out on?


Proof that Gnomes hang out with Trolls

Gnomes are not normally known for hanging about with Trolls,

Well here at Whaleoilbeefhooked we have found empirical evidence that such occurrences do actually happen. In fact photographic evidence.

The truth is appalling to behold but unfortunately true, Gnomes do hang-out with heinous ugly mirror-breaking trolls.

Now to prevent such appalling mis-treatment of Gnomes from happening in the future, go here and help the poor little blighters out.


Maori Party advocates breaking law

When is it ok to advocate law breaking? Well when you are the Maori Party of course.
[quote] "Maori are left with little recourse but to take direct action – if repossession of lands is what it takes for the Crown to recognise their rangatiratanga, then so be it,"[/quote]
So Mr Flavell, let me get this straight, it was an injustice that maori land was taken, but it is ok to now flout the law and repossess, occupy, even trespass if it suits you?

Te Ururoa Flavell has just opened himself up for prosecution for inciting crime.

Unabated Thieving

The Government’s operating surplus is running $1 billion ahead of forecast due to higher than expected investment income.

The Crown accounts for the six months ending December recorded a $4.4 billion surplus compared to the $3.4 billion forecast.

Again the government takes more than it needs, and they have the gall to wank on about "Tory Charity".

Quote of the Day award

The Herald has an online area to make your feeleings felt. Todays focus is on the ACC jumket-a-thon that this current coucil continues to run.

Here are some of the best quotes;
[quote]Aaron Bhatnagar
Make the next council junkets one way flights. This will save voters the hassle of throwing out the dozen wasteful, incompetent and self-centred councillors who have been running the council over the last two years. Hamburg and Bilbao will no doubt be delighted with the village idiots they will soon receive.

Ted Heath
Junket! Junket! Junket! Mr Mayor,stop wasting my hard earned rates dosh on dumb trips. Especially to Hamburg. Only a few decades ago the New Zealand Airforce was trying to level the place. I dont want one cent of my rates money going to a city which caused loss of so many Kiwi lives. Stick to spending on streets, footpaths, parks and libraries.

Paul B
Mr Mayor may be hoping to sell an extra $500 million of cornflakes to the city of Hamburg but I do no think this will mitigate the recent rates rises or our crap infrastructure. Scrap all sister city arrangements unless they provide tangible benefits to the city not just business class skives our councillors and their flunkies seem to indulge in on a regular basis (I would not be worried if something apart from endless reports came from them). Do the ratepayers of other cities put up with their councillors appetite for overseas travel? It would be interesting to know.

B Clark
Sister city? Oh brother! It is just a deceitful pretext for councillors to get free holidays all over the world at the long suffering ratepayers expense! Hubbard justifies his trip by saying he made a speech? I hope it was better than this pathetic line of BS he is feeding us! He is sick of junkets? So are we! Sack these parasites and bring back Mayor John Banks! He at least finished building spaghetti junction![/quote]