A question on AGW?

I was thinking today about AGW after analysing the figures from White Island.

I then checked up about the "Hockey Stick" and am a little perplexed.

Does the "Hockey Stick" include Krakatoa, Mt St Helens, Pinatubo and Mt Etna to name but a few greenhouse spewing volcanoes?

Can anyone tell me?

I have added the key dates to the Hockey Stick graph and all except Krakatoa are in the steep incline. Krakatoa is actually just prior to a steep decline.

So what is the answer. Clearly I am no scientist, but isn’t it just possible that AGW is bollocks and completely unrelated to massive amounts of Non-AGW Greenhouse gases spewed by eruptions and active volcanoes. Look at this graph of Atmospheric CO2 from Mauna Loa in Hawaii.

Humans certainly haven’t caused that to increase. I couldn’t find any conclusive evidence to show that Volcano activity has contributed or not contributed to Global Warming or to Global Cooling. The evidence suggests from it dearth that it in fact hasn’t been considered in any of the AGW arguments. I know, I know, Volcanoes aren’t man made, they do however emit tonnes of Greenhouse gases that make man made emissions seem insignificant.


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  • david winter

    Haven’t we been here before Whaleoil?

    The net, short term, effect of one-off volcanic eruptions is cooling. Along with all the CO2 and methane thrown up comes sulphur and other particulates that fliter out the sun. Huge, global volcanic events in the earth’s history may have altered global climate but not really those ones. (the long-term average greenhouse gase emsions from volcanoes are also dwarfed by human emissions)

  • pdq

    Mind you, the prospect of H1 belching her way to the ferry in a Skoda really appeals to me, make it a circa 1974 model, you know the one, the one that had an exhaust divert valve called ‘heater”. Keep the windows up sweetheart ;)