I smell an election in the air

Labour has announced they will be expelling Philip Field from the party.

For corruption? nope!
For lying to an inquiry? nope!
Being immoral? nope!
Unethical? Nope!
Slave Labour?, nope!

For what then?

Comments Mr Field made today that the Killer Queen and Mike Williams say amount to an announcement of intention to run against Labour at the next election and so have asked for him to be expelled.

Say What!!!!

Yes that is right, chucked out not for being bent but essentially laying down the gauntlet to the Killer Queen.

He’ll go postal on them now. Watch the skeletons come roaring out of the closet. Vote rigging in South Auckland last election etc, etc


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  • Peter Tashkoff

    OT- Lurchs DBP blog.

    Lurch – I agree with Murray’s comment on your Blog – ( I can’t post there cos I don’t have a google account.)

    The entire story is too much to expect people to read. You might be better off making the main points and then referring them to the Investigate blog where they can download the story.

    Also – allowing anonymous comments might get you a few more – people don’t all have google accounts.

    Apart from that – good on you. Anything that brings this perverted deviant to a place where he at least has to deny the allegations is all good.

    His Political owner (Miss Clark) is also refusing to answer or even acknowledge any mails on that subject.

    I think their plan is that if they say nothing then the wuzzy jouros in the MSM will be too hamstung by their own delicacy to point out he is not denying anything.

    What I cannot understand is why no one fronted him in the house on it – unless he hasn’t been attending.