So who is the Hypocrite huh?

Why Sue Bradford of course.

[quote]When Sue was starting her life, working at the Auckland People’s Center (1992ish), she would often bring her kids into work. When they ran wild (as they often did) she would smack them really hard where-ever her hand would make contact, not just the smacking but yell at them (even though they were less than one foot from her mouth).

Isn’t it ironic that someone that shows such a dislike towards smacking is the one that was smacking her own kids??[/quote]

Goose, Gander, pot, kettle, etc etc etc

I can’t believe this woman has bashed and assaulted her own kids, she couldn’t have, surely.

Yep she did, hypocrite


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  • cynic_male

    So in all reality, do you think the satirical threat of violence was the reason that Bradford wanted the post withdrawn from the cyfswatch site OR was the real reason she wanted it withdrawn because of the reference to her ‘substantial arse’