What to do about gatecrashers and trespassers

Worried about the debate degenerating. How is this for a story.

I was having a few drinks and a chat at a mates place (farrars), then all of a sudden someone barges in all obnoxious like and hurls abuse around. I took exception and said how about we take it outside. Someone else (Sonic) stepped in and added provocation so I said you next….as I walked outside the protagonists ran off down the street flipping the bird and claiming victory.

So, I go home, back to my place and start to talk to my mates about the carry on and who should barge in unannounced, trespassing if you will but one of the protagonists. I let him rant and rave and again he runs of flipping the bird and claiming victory, worse he gets his childish little mates to run a pamphlet around the neighbourhood and invites a whole lot of them over to my place to mess it up a little.

All of a sudden I am the bad guy coz I take exception to the rantings and raving some some rude and impolite people at my mates place and at my own place…..puleeease.


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  • Leonidas

    There is not point arguing with sonic, (chronic, bubonic, any additions folks?) for he is one of the increasing caste of pepole who choose to see no-one elses view, take no responsibilty for their statements and think they have every right to antagonize all and sundry without redress, well to him I say in the words of the formerly great Axl Rose: ” you wanna antagonize me?, Antagonize me motherfucker, get in the ring motherfucker, and I’ll kick your bitchy little ass…. Punk.!”

  • sonic

    Oh the poor little injured innocent, there he was just happily threatning people and now everyone is giving him a hard time!

    Oh the poor wee Lamb…

  • barnsleybill

    The winged monkey is more how i picture bummer over at tumeke, the gimp has really lost it this week with his master looking like extending his season of cabaret in the big house.
    I used the familiar tag because the trolls seem more like the hammer house of horror cockroach eating types. Looking longingly at vlad for approval. Little do they realise the contempt they are held in by the dykocracy they slavishly support.

  • exocet

    You’ve done your share of threatening your self, troll.

    But it’s A-OK when it’s coming from you isn’t it?