March 2007

Labour Pays Back Stolen Money, Early!!!!

Labour have, unbelievably, paid back all of the money they stole for the 2005 election plus interest.

Big Kudos to Mike Williams and Helen Clark for showing some honesty and integrity over the issue.


Hey Beehive! Keep Section 59

A commentor to the blog left this link.


Thorpe a cheater?

Is the Thorpedo a cheater?

A French newspaper (They're French, so can't be trusted) have revealed that Ian Thorpe is the subject of a doping investigation.

Swimming's world governing body FINA has confirmed that it had lodged an appeal with the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) over a doping test conducted by the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA).

FINA, which did not identify the swimmer involved, released a statement saying there had been an "adverse analytical result" that it had referred to CAS "with the aim of clarifying the issues surrounding the case."

Lets wait and see shall we?


Rating the Cabinet

The Herald has rated the Cabinet. Mostly falls in performance, some woeful, a couple of rises. Phil Goff and Annette King are the outstanding performers (leadership challenge anyone?), the rest…..well shall we say dog tucker. (my comments in brackets) Also note David Farrar's ratings , he is way morefairer than me.

Key ones to Note are;

HELEN CLARK 7 (7 a year ago) Prime Minister

As focused as ever, if not more so, in contrast with many of her ministers. But has made a couple of significant bad calls over political management of election spending and child-smacking issues. (You'd think with all the waxing lyrical that goes on from Jordan and Tony she would be a '10', but alas no, she is no Bo Derek)

MICHAEL CULLEN 6 (7) Finance / Tertiary

Still the flawed genius without whom Clark could not operate effectively but looking a bit tired on it lately.

JIM ANDERTON 6 (6) Agriculture / Forestry

Problems in fisheries and forestry. Time this old warhorse slowed down and looked to that grazing paddock beyond the Beehive.


Education His supreme self-confidence should have taken a battering over the 20-hour "free" childcare fiasco and the implementation of NCEA. But it hasn't because he has, well, supreme self-confidence.

ANNETTE KING 9 (7) Transport / Police

Increases her value to the Government with each passing crisis. Gets results. Capable manager behind the scenes and in front.

TREVOR MALLARD 4 (6) Economic Development / Sport

Where is the sales job on economic transformation? Wins points for audacious Auckland waterfront stadium, but loses more for insulting the most important electorate in the country for failing to agree with him. Valued inside the party but has lost some of his credibility. (Mallard needs a big cup of shut the fuck up.)

PETE HODGSON 4 (4) Health

People being bumped off waiting lists, Herceptin, the Medlab fiasco, strikes that threaten treatment – none may be exactly his fault but all have happened on his watch. So he gets a little less than the rating he himself gives the health system. (And he can't dance to save himself.)

MARK BURTON 2 (2) Justice / Treaty Negotiations

Clark must be pointing him in the direction of the exit sign next election. Not a single apparent success. Entire Justice portfolio under review. No momentum in Treaty Negotiations. No pay-off for the rates rebate pledge. (Mark who?)

DAMIEN O'CONNOR 2 (8) Corrections

Dear, oh dear. Such high hopes for this popular minister. Has suffered badly from his department's ineptitude but also highlighted some of his own management deficiencies. (Dead man walking.)

DAVID BENSON-POPE 4 (3) Social Development Wrong man for the job but then this portfolio is not as important to Labour as it was in its first two terms. Bring back Maharey. At least he was passionate about it. (The only thing Panty Slut-Boy is passionate about is copping a good flogging.)

NANAIA MAHUTA 5 (6) Customs / Youth Affairs

One law for all dogs should not be what this minister is best remembered for. She has talent, where is it? Use it, or lose it. (I vote lose it.)

Countdown – Time Left for Labour to pay us back

Labour still has not paid a cent back of the money they stole.

I have added a little counter at the top of the left column to assist them in calculating how much time they have left.

Pay It Back you thieving scum.?


Police might exercise discretion but CYFS won't

The lies of Duplicitous Duo, Sue Bradford and Helen Clark, continue to be exposed.

There may lie and the one being trumpeted loudly by the lickspittles is that the law doesn't ban smacking when it demonstrably does, the second main lie is that the police will exercise discretion, of course the second lie is much more insidious because what would happen if the Police were informed of an incident.

Well we can wonder no more because a mother in Fielding bothered to actually ask what no MSM so-called journalist hasn't, "If I lightly smacked my three-year-old for correction and my neighbour saw it and called police – would you have to come out and investigate?"

Her answer from Fielding Police, was YES. So what!, you say. Well Mrs Elliot, clearly more diligent that any news reporter asked some further questions.

[quote]Police national headquarters confirmed this for the Manawatu Standard, but added the call would be prioritised, as all police calls are. It would come under the category of domestic violence.

Mrs Elliott then asked if police would pass on the information to CYFS. The answer again was yes.

She was told that if police believed the child was in no immediate danger they would not notify CYFS within 24 hours, but they meet fortnightly about family violence and that's when information would be passed on, Mrs Elliott said.

"That's the bit that scared me – having CYFS on your doorstep," Mrs Elliott said.

"I've got nice neighbours, but not everyone does.

"A light smack for correction is not abuse," she added.[/quote]

So, then, who is afraid now….a sea of hands…..So there you have it, the lie that Police would do nothing is proven by asking, who else, the Police, confirmed by National Headquarters and with the sting of CYFS in the tail as well.


Trotter says pull the bill now Sue

Chris Trotter perhaps the only leftie commentator I have admired wrote a pieve on the DomPost. It isn't available online and you really have to wonder whether that is intentional given the explosive nature of his piece. Of course I do not toally agree with his sentiments, especially the last couple of paragraphs. For the rest of it he is right on the money, the longer the left pushes this the more they will be stripped of power.

NZ Conservative have thoughtfully re-typed it and I have copied it here for you to read.

[quote]Withdraw your failed bill, Sue

We have failed. The opinion polls released this week confirm that fact with crushing finality. It is now indisputable that four-fifths of the electorate is opposed to Sue Bradford's "Anti-Smacking Bill". No one's really surprised. The poll results were just another couple of stalks in the veritable blizzard of straws in the wind that has been blowing for weeks on this issue. The Left already knew the voters weren't convinced. Why? Because it simply hasn't bothered to convince them.

Consider the last great successful battle against against ingrained public prejudice: the legal emancipation of gay and lesbian New Zealanders. How was that achieved? By a private member's bill, yes, but was that all? No. The fight for gay and lesbian rights had been going on for years before Fran Wilde introduced her Homosexual Law Reform Bill to Parliament in 1985.

The struggle against homophobia had gone on in students' associations, unions, government departments, private business, and on the streets. There were journals and newspapers devoted to the cause. And, in the mainstream new media, a constant barrage of letters, feature articles and documentaries steadily chipped away at public ignorance.

The gay rights movement had its own icons, its own heroes, and even its own "Gay Pride" week on the nation's university campuses. Fran Wilde's bill came at the end of a multi-faceted political campaign for change – not at the beginning.

Nothing on this scale has preceded the campaign to end violence against children. Certainly, there are lobby groups devoted to advancing the rights of the child, but their efforts have almost exclusively been devoted to securing the backing of decision-makers especially MPs. No one, to my knowledge, has set out to secure the backing of the public in the way that gays and lesbians did.

And now that failure to win over at least a substantial minority of the public, before proceeding to the legislative phase of the reform process, is generating a backlash of extraordinary power.

In a way that few, if any, of the bill's supporters anticipated, the notion of criminalising the "correction" of children has awakened fears and resentments from the very deepest recesses of the New Zealand psyche.

It's more than the New Zealand public can deal with right now: those conflicted emotions toward parents and siblings; those painful childhood memories of sudden and inexplicable violence; those overwhelming feelings of guilt and shame. All the unacknowledged pathologies of family life which Sue Bradford's bill requires New Zealanders to recognise and address – it's too much. They want the bill out of their faces NOW!

And, in a curious way, they're right. Because the sequencing, when you think about it, is all wrong.

How can we ask people battling to keep a roof over their heads; people holding down two minimum wage jobs to put food on the table; people struggling to pay mortgages, rates, power bills and school fees; people so tired they forget to talk to their kids, make love to their partners, or keep in touch with their family and friends, to do what Sue is demanding? To somehow locate the calm centre of their beings; that strong and secure sense of self which is the key to constructing loving and non-violent relationships?

Is it really fair, in a society which never stops doing violence to them, to suddenly demand that parents stop doing violence to their children?

This legislation needs to be withdrawn, immediately. And its supporters (among whom I include myself) need to acknowledge their failure. Not just their failure to build a mass movement against the violence done to children, but their failure to sustain the movement which their parents and grandparents built to end the economic and social violence daily inflicted upon working families.

You cannot help the kids if you will not help their mums and dads.

By refusing to recognise the sheer magnitude of the opposition to this bill, the Left has forfeited the electorate's trust. Sadly, withdrawing the legislation is now a necessary precondition to rebuilding public confidence in progressive politics.

Because, mark my words, if we do not acknowledge our failure and set about reclaiming the trust we have lost, it will be given to others.

Passing this legislation now, over the objections of four-fifths of the electorate, will not settle the matter. The people will punish the Left and themselves by voting the far Right into power.

And how will that help the children of New Zealand?[/quote]

I got to get me some research grants

Check this out for complete and utter waste.

[quote]National has questioned how a student scooped $96,000 in research funding to study the everyday lives of bogans including their practices of "moshing" and "headbanging".

Tertiary Education Minister Michael Cullen says this type of research is a "great investment" which is "underpinning our transformation into a knowledge economy."

National MP Paul Hutchison pointed out that money for the study was made while government funding for agricultural science had dropped from $63 million in 2004 to $50m in 2005/06.

Dr Hutchison questioned whether the study was the best use of scarce research resources.

"It's not credible that this type of research will improve our economy," he said.

"Our research dollars are already stretched."[/quote]

FFS sake…. "A great investment underpinning our transformation into a knowledge economy"!!!!!!

Cullen has gone mad.

20Free policy in tatters

Policy making on the hoof is never a good look, and it just got worse for Steve Maharey and Helen Clark with news that the Early Childhood Council's chief executive Sue Thorne has said a survey of 1000 early childhood centres, which was completed last week, had revealed "a very low uptake" of the policy.

She announced this at their annual conference, and also said the prognosis is likely to be worse.
[quote]Only 23.9 per cent of community and privately owned centres had said they would opt in to the 20 hours free education policy, Mrs Thorne said.

But worse than that, according to our survey, many centres with costs in excess of the free ECE (early childhood education) rates are opting in only because they believe they are able to offset their losses by increasing fees for the hours three and four-year-olds attend over and above the 20 free, or by increasing fees for one and two year olds," she said.

The minister of education made clear to me on Monday, however, that this is not the case."[/quote]

Oh dear, some one (the minister) has been telling porkies and despite his public assurances that all you have to do is rock on up to a childhood education centre and demand the 20Free the exact opposite appears to be the case. If you do rock on up you are likely to be shown the do

Watch out….here comes Rohit!

I have been asked to help out a mate.

His name is Rohit Singh and he has just come back from Fiji after lifting the Fiji Boxing Association's Heavyweight Title on the 23rd of March from Mosese Kavika, knocking him out in the 3rd Round. Mosese Kavika is currently ranked 10th in the WBF Asia Pacific rankings . Rohit will fight anyone from Shane Cameron down in that list.

Rohit trains at Buck's Genetics Gym in Manukau and is there everyday. We often are chatting about training and that is where I found out abit about him.

He has won everything there is to win in Fiji both Amateur and Professional. This is his record.

Amateur: 27 bouts Super Heavyweight, all won by Knockout, no defeats. 4 medals, 2 trophies.

Professional: 14 Heavyweight bouts, all won by knockout, undefeated.

Rohit is now based in New Zealand and is looking for a promoter so he can have a crack at Shane Cameron for the New Zealand Title.

Some things you should know about Rohit, he gives half of his fight winnings to charity. The Charities he currently supports are the Disabled Children's Hostel, The Lautoka School for Special Education, the Bayly Welfare Foundation, which helps with poverty assistance and an oldfolks home run by the Ministry of health in Fiji. All of these charities are based in Lautoka.

Rohit has moved here with his wife, Ashwini, and his son Krishneel (11) and Neha (4) his daughter. They are living in South Auckland and Rohit is looking for a job so that he can continue to train. He has his HT licences and is multi-skilled and of course handy with his hands.

If anyone can assist Rohit in achieving his goals then contact me at the following email address whaleoilbeefhooked at gmail dot com.