As Murray and DPF have pointed out it looks like the email and fax system for Party propaganda messages was down at the weekend because Young Labour have a poll up at their website that shows a stark contrast to the Killer Queens opinions.

Currently 80.7% of respondents think Section 59 should not be repealed.

Way you go, click on the link and vote away and spoil their party.

UPDATE: The Leftists are fighting back as at 14:00 the against has dropped to 62.4%


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  • petermck

    now the cowards have changed the question – Should section 59 be repealed – and of course to repeal the section is what sue wants – have you noticed this as well and is it a sign that the corruption that pervades the labour party has reached down from the head bitch to the idealistic and naive Young Liarbour socialists –


    well if that is the case they need to be exposed for the lying cheats they are.  Ofcourse the poll did not change –

  • Adolf fiinkensein

    This is where they train their juveniles in the gentle art of rigging polls.  They graduate later to rigging elections.  Then they ‘post graduate’ to verifying other countries’ rigged elections as being above board.