Hey Red Team!!!

The offer is still open you leftist pussies.


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  • Leonidas

    FAIL!…. violence is the last resort when the total fuckwit you converse with cannot even pause to consider your point of view, i.e. the common leftist retort that we on the right would endorse such freedoms that parents would be entitled to beat our children, and decscend into anarchy. well excuse me, McSonic, but when you take your blinkers off you’ll see thats exactly whats happening under your beloved Leader’s watch.

  • sonic

    Threats of violence online are the last resort of the prat that just lost the argument.

    I said to Mr Oil, stop bringing me up on your blog and I’ll never post there again, I can find stack overload errors anywhere, I certainly don’t post here due to the quality of the argument.

    However he had to drag all that claptrap up again, had to make himself look like an idiot just one more time.

    Just drop it guys, no-one is going to walk into your little fantasy dream world, no-one is going to respond to your oh so subtle “cowardly pussy” taunts.

    We all think it is hilarious and deeply sad, all at the same time.

    Grow up, get a life, try meeting some girls sometimes.

  • Flashman

    Don’t be so hard on yourself Bubonic Sonic. You can know you can always pay for some action.

    Looking at the Big Picture: Perhaps you should go back to Mud Island and be amongst your people – especially now that Mrs Thatcher’s no longer a threat to you?

  • Leonidas

    Mate, (I use the tearm loosely) I happen to be married with children, so I know my dick works just fine. And the only mention of violence on this thread so far has come from you. so stop eavesdropping and we’ll all lose interest in you.

  • Leonidas

    threats of violence only occur where Sonic is involved. If you share his Ideals, I suggest you look elsewere as I’m sure you will be as un-welcome as Sonic.

  • sonic

    “All I heard was wank wank wank.”

    Did you ask three people what they thought of you?

  • tumshie

    I stumbled across your blog and I have to admit that I am intrigued by the level of debate. It seems to revolve around threatening to commit acts of violence towards those of contradictory opinion.

    So I have concluded either the average whaleoil blogger has an EI of a 10 year old boy, or you are afflicted by what’s commonly known as small man syndrome. Small in stature, intellect and dick….

    I pity all of you


  • Coyote

    All I heard was wank wank wank.

  • sonic

    Violence, the last refuge of the incompetent.

    I’m quite happy just kick your butt politically loser boys.