Is President Bush dumb?

Well is he?

If you read the leftist MSM and the lickspittle socialist blogs and the recent caption contest by the Herald you could be confused into thinking George W. Bush is the biggest moron to grace this planet. But what are the facts.

  1. He was a pilot of F-102 Delta Daggers . Now I don't know about you, but any pilot I have ever met is kinda smart, I mean they need to now about physics, aerodynamics, weather, mechanics and a whole host of other useful things. I bet when youfly overseas on holiday you don't think the Pilot of the 747 carrying 500 passengers is some dipshit from Texas, no i bet you think this guy must be real smart to fly a plane like this.
  2. He attended and obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree from Yale University. So given that he holds a B.A. and a large proportion of our teachers also hold the same degree as well a large number of the exact same socilaists who call the president dumb, is the President really dumb? As dumb as a school teacher perhaps, or as dumb as Helen Clark who has a M.A. which probably means she also obtained a B.A first….so if you are comparing qualifications you really can't say he is dumb. In fact lets check some of his "smart" oppponents. Al Gore , oh lookee there a B.A. and from Harvard, but more on Harvard later….so is Al Gore smarter than George Bush? I mean George did beat him in an election. What about John Kerry , another of Bush's "smart" opponents, oh dear John got a B.A too!!! and he got himself beat by Goerge as well….is George Bush dumber than "smart" John Kerry? Perhaps, but not academically.
  3. He obtained a Master of Business Administration from Harvard University, remeber that, the same University that "smart" Al Gore attended. Incidentally George W Bush is only U.S. President to serve holding a Master of Business Administration degree. Now i don't know about you, but i don't know too many MBA graduates but they are unlikely to be dumb.
  4. In 1989 Bush purchased a share in the Texas Ranger baseball team for $800,000. He served as managing general partner of the Rangers for five years. The sale of Bush's share in the Texas Rangers brought him over $15 million from his initial $800,000 investment. That doesn't sound too dumb to me. That is a massive return on investment and her was the Managing General Partner….a fluke? perhaps not.

Admittedly my evidence is short and quickly compiled but on the face of it it seems unlikely that a jet fighter pilot, with a B.A. and a MBA who made $15 million on a $800,000 investment could possibly be dumb, but hey then you read the papers and the blogs and whaddya know he is dumb….go figure.

If Gerogre W. Bush is dumb then so is every pilot in the world, every school teacher with a B.A. and every business man with an MBA. By those measures "smart" opponents like Al "Truth, what truth!" Gore and John "shot myself in the butt" Kerry are dead set dumber than President George W. Bush.


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  • Whaleoil

    I agree, "hurling invective" isn't the answer…..I got it wrong on purpose. Now reallly, fuck off and take your opinions elsewhere, fool.

  • shoked

    I guess that means both Bush and Kerry were pretty dumb at university. It's what you do afterwards that counts, and now even many conservatives are abandoning the president.

    May I say how refreshing it is to see someone employing the effective and time-honoured debate tactic of hurling invective at anyone who disagrees with them. 

  • shoked

    That would be a C average at Yale, not Bumfuck, Idaho….still a degree is a degree, you either get one or you don’t. You don’t hear teachers comparing their marks at university so why the fuck should do it for politicians.

    Priceless. You write a post specifically talking up Bush’s Yale and Harvard qualifications. Then when his obvious suckiness at being a student is pointed out, you run for cover. Classic Whale Oil.

    Don’t ever change, mate. You provide me with so much entertainment.

  • Adrian Lawrence Wilson

    Without dredging up the tired issue of whether in fact he did win an election, what does it matter what the American people think? The question is an objective one; the qualities necessary to be president, and whether or not George W. Bush has them, are both things that can be established objectively. They can be determined outside of whether or not more than 50% of an inherently subjective electorate voted for him. The fact that they voted for him doesn't validate his intelligence or theirs?

  • Whaleoil

    I wasn't talking it up you fool, merely pointing the inconsistancy of the leftist arguement.

    If you want more specifics, compare "smart John Kerry with "dumb" George W Bush at Yale.

    [quote]In 1999, The New Yorker published a transcript indicating that Bush had received a cumulative score of 77 for his first three years at Yale and a roughly similar average under a non-numerical rating system during his senior year.

    Kerry, who graduated two years before Bush, got a cumulative 76 for his four years, according to a transcript that Kerry sent to the Navy when he was applying for officer training school. He received four D's in his freshman year out of 10 courses, but improved his average in later years.[/quote]

    Oh shit!!! the "dummy" got better marks tnah the so-called smart guy. Now fuck off before you embarras yourself more.