March against Anti-Smacking Bill

A march is being organised for Wednesday 28 March for those wanting to protest the Bradford/Clark bill to ban smacking.

It will start at the Civic Square at 12 pm. There may be an Auckland march also.


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  • Anonymous Sooky La-la

    I am a single mum of a gorgeous little lad of 4 yrs. I admit i do wince when i see someone smaking their children but the reason im disturbed is because they did it for a silly reason like they dropped there lolly on new carpet etc. I have admittedly smacked my son but for things like trying to run in the road or completely disobeying me to the point where nothing else worked. I am pro smaking but we do need something to help protect those children whose parents are a little too liberal with their smacking and use it as the only form of punishment.

     Mum from brighton  england