Parole issue news

There are quite a few articles and comments on the parlous state of Corrections and the Parole Board.

Helen Clark steps in for failed minister Damian O’Connor
, clearly signaling that Labour knows that it is hopelessly exposed on the issue.

The Sensible Sentencing Trust
and a victim of Graeme Burton’s violent rampage have hit out at Corrections and the Parole Board over reports into the case, describing them as a whitewash, which they clearly are.
[quote]The reports were "littered from start to finish with…waffling and cover-ups, phrases that mean nothing, do nothing and achieve nothing,"[/quote]
Burton himself is reported in the reports saying he wanted to die and was gutted when he lived. He also gives Corrections a right good slapping.

John Armstrong comments that Corrections "pat on the back" is a wrong move.
[quote]The Department of Corrections has fooled no one with its absurd claim that it "appropriately managed" Graeme Burton while the killer was on parole.

The claim simply does not square. If everything was so hunky-dory, why is Corrections suddenly and drastically tightening up procedures for monitoring those on parole?[/quote]
The Herald Editorial knows where the blame lies, with the Parole Board.
[quote]A man is dead, several other people are lucky to be alive, a plainly maniacal killer, Graham Burton, is back in prison and the public is still wondering how a Parole Board could have let him out. An explanation is available at last in the report of an independent review of the board’s decision. While the reviewers, the Chief District Court Judge and a Australian professor of forensic psychology, find the decision "reasonable", the facts they present point the other way.[/quote]
The Dominion Post editorial is similarly slamming of the inquiries.


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  • Suetonius

    Mil surplus AK 47 cartridge. 20 cents.

  • peter mck

    rope in his cell and let him make the decision. But then again he will spend the next 4-5 years in deep lock maximum security cell. The guards will treat him like the scum he is. He will spend the next 5 years in solitary confinement. Being legless (well he has one leg) exercise will be difficult. Rotting for the next 20 (likely to be much more thanks god) years in prison will be a punishment – he will struggle to get re-released ever again – and the rest of his life will be spent without any human interaction. Quite nasty and fully deserved. Now the scum will learn what real loneliness is – and I would not wish that on any decent person – which Burton is not – it will drive him insane (the starting point is set pretty low in this case)

    Some people say bring back the death penalty – problem with that is the endless appeal process with massive legal bills for ten-fifteen years and some lawyer wanting a name will give the scum (in fact any scum) too much publicity – as said earlier, let them spend their lives just slowly rotting. Then when they eventually die – they get dumped in an unmarked grave and no one cares.

    Their life has been a total but destructive waste. They are miserable shits and we treat them to nicely.

  • Coyote

    How much is all this monopedal solo rotting and being treated as scum costing us exactly?

    Hemp – $30
    Professional knot tying – pro bono
    Taking out the trash – beyond valuation.