Sick of the Hubbard Crawl

Peoples Choice is helping motorists to hit back against the ‘Hubbard

If you use any roads around Pakuranga, Botany, and Howick on weekday mornings you will be aware of the major delays at the Panmure Roundabout.  This is a result of loopy changes made to lane layout by Auckland City Council.  Pakuranga MP Maurice Williamson has publicly called on Mr Hubbard to intervene and sort the problem out.  But because it mainly affects residents of Manukau City, Mayor Dick Hubbard couldn’t care less.  Well we may not be able to vote him out, but we can make him aware of our frustration by charging him for the additional time and
cost being incurred by eastern motorists.

Go to the Peoples Choice website at and follow the link to our invoice. Calculate how much more time you take to get to work or take the kids to school, then charge him for your time and cost. $50 per hour should be the least !

Fill it in and post it to Mr Hubbard.

Pass on this message to  anyone else who drives in Pakuranga, Howick, and Botany in the morning.  As you know, you don’t have to use the Panmure roundabout to be affected – Pakuranga Road, Botany Road, Ti Rakau Drive, Glenmore Rd, and many other roads are all at a stand still thanks to Mr Hubbard.

And so Peoples Choice can keep a tally of what Mr Hubbard is being charged, email your amount to us [email protected]

Lets clog up the Auckland City mail system like he’s clogged up our roads !


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  • Coyote

    You need a refund on your shithead filter anyway.

    It let that one through.

  • barnsleybill

    fucktard filter inoperative methinks.

    Up in Kerikeri we just had a new one way system forced upon us by the council drones in kaikohe. I of course was against this for two reasons.
    1. Being a recovering auckland driver I scoffed at the locals who moaned about the traffic (I manage to park outside Coco every morning for my coffee).
    2. Anything the councils just decide to do without being asked is  not to be trusted.

    Anyway, the changes have not caused the mayhem that most predicted and I can still park right outside the only three shops in kerikeri that I ever need to visit.
    AnonAwesome; you are a typical troll. One of those visitors who do not respect your hosts house and tread shit in on the carpet. Back to the state job and perhaps boasting to your neighbours about how many tickets you have written or minutes of extra tea break you sneaked.

  • Whaleoil

    For someone who thinks I am a fuckwit, you sure do spend a lot of time reading my blog….perhaps it is penis envy?

  • AnonAwesome

    I'll have you know i'm far above my ticket quota for this month. I've also snuck a total of 15 minutes of extra tea break. I also work for all the SOEs, so you're going to have to sell the lot, but fuckit, who cares, anything for the almight dollar right?


    Yeah, the fuckhead filter is definitely not in operation, how can this WhaleOil git have posted so many times?! Jesus, talk about shitty technology.


    Oh and welcome to the internet you uptight fuckwits.


    Dick Quax does nothing but show boat, he has no solutions for any problems and just likes the sound of his own voice and the look of his own words in print. Fuck knows what he hopes to achieve by making people bill (AT LEAST $50 REMEMBER GUYS!!!!) Hubbard. Methinks he has an agenda…but oh wait, unless it's a feminist nazi stormtrooper stealing my family unit anti-god agenda, you don't care do you?


    Oh and get a new phrase. Socialist is not insulting, and lickspittle is pathetic.