April 2007

And here was me thinking it was tax credits.

At last the government has recognised that Working fo Families is nothing more than welfare dressed up and sold as "tax credits".

They are busily slagging off National for their proposal to unwind Working for Families and replace it with Tax cuts.

Helen Clark has finally also acknowledged that Tax Cuts are badly needed.

[quote]"I think that's terrible for families, because as we know Working for Families extends to about 70 per cent of families with children. That tax cut for them is very badly needed."[/quote]

So the government can't even get its own story straight. Firstly they pitched Working for Families as Tax Credits, now it is welfare. Tax cuts are evil and the proponents of them should be "quietly drowned", now Clark says a tax cut os "badly needed".

They are indeed clutching at straws as the Key juggernaut marches on over the remnants of Labour.

Camel Fuckers Convention

I kid you not…it is real.

There is a Camel Fuckers Convention on in Saudi Arabia.

[quote]Contestants in this Saudi-style beauty pageant have all the features you might expect anywhere else in the world, but with one crucial difference – the competitors are camels.

This week, the Qahtani tribe of western Saudi Arabia has been welcoming entrants to its Mazayen al-Ibl competition, a parade of the "most beautiful camels" in the desolate desert region of Guwei'iyya, 120 km west of Riyadh.

"In Lebanon they have Miss Lebanon," jokes Walid, moderator of the competition's website. "Here we have Miss Camel."[/quote]

There, I think that post tops Clint's Brazilian PM post.

Jordan pikes and now Tony is thinking of going out in sympathy

The Leftists are on the retreat.

Firstly it was Jordan sooking out and now fellow NZBU Special Needs member Tony Milne is having second thoughts about allowing free speech on his blog. He has already entered teh censorship realms by deleting some rather harsh but accurate comments from myself and also from honorary meber Insolent Prick.

As the Vice President for Life for Political Beatings and General Thuggery , I say go over to Tony's and make your thoughts known to him and assist him in  concentrating on his imminent election lossrather than being a mouth piece for the Government of Thieves.

Like all socialists they can dish out hate and vitriol but can barely take it. 

Shared Equity, A disaster waiting to happen?

Adolf thnks so and so do I.

Absolutely the last entity that I would want as a shared equity partner is the government.

As Gerald Ford once said "A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have."

Jordan sooks it up

Mad lickspittle Herr Rottenfuhrer Jordan Carter has sooked it up over at his blog …hmmm, can we call it that now he has disabled comments….nah, more like Jordan's Party Political Broadcast System.

Anyway, he couldn't take the heat and so has disabled comments except on those posts that he deems worthy of comment. The posts that he enables comment on will more than likely be banal posts on nothing that could possibly be turned against the government.

So afraid of negative comments he has now taken to also deleting comments if he deems them to be off topic.

What a big sooky la-la, pouting like a spurned queen. Cry me a river.

I wonder how long before Labour pushes for a law to stop bloggers…can't be far off now…oh and they will probably be opening up the Bloggers Wing at some prison somewhere.

Maybe someone out there in the VRWC will provide a comments facility for Jordan by taking his posts by RSS and reposting them with comments enabled…can't be that hard to do. Hell we could call it "Comments on Just Left".

Has Helen Clark had a sex change?

I wonder because all the media seems to be awash with stories about her Doodle?

I know there have been rumours but I didn't know she even had a doodle.

Worse there seems to be some doubt over her doodle as well. Did the operation go succesfully or not?

Should we really be concerned about her doodle? Isn't that just a little too private?

Stuff even has the temerity to call her doodle a fake and even value it and apprently her doodle was completed 6 years ago!!!. Boy that is really over the top.

NewstalkZB get really personal and asked Clark if she drew her doodle, I mean how personal is that?

All I can say is the media can certainly be cruel.


Daylight Saving to be extended

The Government has decided to extend daylight saving by 3 weeks in response to a 42,000 signature petition.

The extension will be 1 week at the beginning and 2 weeks at the end.

Now I wonder if they will  abandon the Section 59 repeal if there are more than 42,000 signatures on that?

We have a tie, voting extended

We currently have a tie in the GR8 Plates competition . Therefore I have extended voting.

What I find Hard to believe is that there were 395 views of the page and only 11 votes.

Now how hard can it be? You get 5 choices and you place them in order, the rest you leave as is.

Come on get with it and vote away.

Tax Freedom Day

Today is Tax Freedom Day , three days later than last year,which indicates that people are paying more tax than they should.

The Business Roundtablesays New Zealand will find itself further down the OECD rankings and will have to make significant progress if it wants to keep up with countries such as Australia. Tax Freedom Day comes a lot earlier in Australia than in New Zealand.


Fake, Fake, fake

Someones picture signed by Helen Clark is up for auction at Dunbar Sloane. Essentially you will be paying for a signature, but as those were all over the rorted pledge cards it shouldn't be worth that much.

The silly troll wouldn't even comment on it on NewstalkZB this morning, what on earth has she got to hide?

We know she didn't draw it, we know she was found to have committed a prima facie case of forgery and we know the Police didn't prosecute because "it wasn't in the public interest" t do so.