Crime up…its all the stats fault.

The crime stats for 2006 are out and it will come as no suprise to anyone that they haven't improved at all.

Violent Offences are up 5% in 2006, and have increased by 28% since 1999.

Sexual Offences are up 8% in 2006, and have increased by 17% since 1999.

Grievous Assaults are up 7% in 2006, and have increased by 65% since 1999.

Kidnappings and Abductions are up 30% in 2006, and have increased by 70% since 1999.

Sexual Attacks are up 14% in 2006, and have increased by 25% since 1999.

The Police are bullshitting us by saying the increase is due to a new computer system which has lead to some of the increase, but the trend since 1999 has been consistent.

Of course with the stupid anti-smacking law coming in the stats for reported Domestic Violence are only going to get worse.

Burglary rates remain high and resolution rates for burglary remain low at 15.6%

One could clearly say that on Law and order the government has clearly failed New Zealanders. 


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