Happy ANZAC Day – Cop that lot

The Government is set to hike Petrol Taxes by 10c but just in Auckland and Wellington.

They have just lost the election.

And on ANZAC Day too! 


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  • Me:)

    Has it ever occured to you, you might be happier if you didn't get stuck in congestionb cause by lack of public transport in Auckland, really?. Its bad enough theres only going to be budget temporary seats at Eden Park for the rugby world cup (wow what an impression that will make with the world!) but Auckland want even had a half decent public transport system to deal with the increased people becasue, good forbid the Government (and opposition) is anti public transport. Now if only we lived in a perfected world…..

  • Whaleoil

    Pray tell, where the fuck are you going to put this public transport system.

    For Example how do you get from say Howick to Henderson, or perhaps Milford ont he public Transport system of you dreams…….

    It will never happen, you know why, because Auckland is an Isthmus you idiot…..everything must go through the centre, there is no rail network especially to the Noth Shore and to East Auckland so any public transport initiative has to go on ROADS, dickhead.