Helen Clark has no shame

Helen Clark is a disgrace, on the day she announced funding for a War Memorial Park in Wellington she also announced that she will not be attending a Dawn Parade.

That action alone makes her unfit to lead this country as she shows no respect at all for our fallen, our veterans and our current serving soldiers.

Shame on you Helen Clark, Shame.

UPDATE: Turns out there were no other pressing engagements, she just couldn't be bothered getting out of bed . Dis-respectful bitch!


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  • I'll name two. The tomb of the unknown warrior and the New Zealand Memorial in Hyde Park Corner in London (where I will be attending the dawn service tomorrow morning). Frankly Mr Oil it is you who is disrespecting our fallen by using such abuse and profanity in connection with their names.

  • Coyote

    She couldn't get her shit together to publicly acknowledge the awarding of a PUC, 10 Bronze Stars and 7 other medals to New Zealand troops during the "Year of the Veteran".

    She couldn't be arsed showing up to the Malaysian High Commission to see the first 20 of over 5,500 New Zealand Servicemen recieve their PJMs from the King of Malaysia.

    She still hasn't got her shit together to acknowledge William Gerorge Mallone's bravery in spite of it being on her desk when she walked into that job.

    She couldn't get her shit together enough to see that more than just a token handful for Viet Nam Vets get compensation for Agent Orange illnesses.

    She couldn't even get her shit together enough to see that the Veteran Pins for all Service people who qualified got their pins in time for ANZAC Day last year DURING The Year of the Veteran.

    She can't get her shit together enough to crow bar open Scrouge McCullens wallet to cover the cost of medals WON by and awarded to Servicemen, they have to firstly find out for themselves that they are entitled to them and then most of them they have to PAY for themselves.

    When theres a fucking photo op shes there like a rat at the cheese. No photo op, no Helen.

    NO respect. 


    Hello whats this… someone seems to have dropped this big slice of shut the fuck up pie. Seems to have your name on it MP! 

    Why don;t you letie scum just take one fucking half day off each year for the soldiers. It's not that hard, just don't talk.


    You're welcome. 

  • Cactus Prick

    Tough shit whaley, I'm still here.


    Hey, coyote, [edited by Whaleoil for dis-respecting an ex-serviceman and breaking the ANZAC Day Zero Tolerance of Arseholes rule]



  • Coyote

    Any time you like shit head.

  • Whaleoil

    Not to mention the Vietnam Veterans have to apply for the medal they earned and then have to pay for it themselves and when they get it find out the medal was made in CHINA!!!! No shame!!!!

  • Coyote

    Because soliders are known for being shrinking violets who spend their off time drinking tea and playing checkers at the church hall.

    Is Fat Hunt going to get out of the car this year?

  • Cactus Prick

    Boo hoo hoo, whaley is still afraid of my comments, he simply can't handle truth.


    And, by the sounds of things, coyote was one of those child murderers in Vietnam.



  • Whaleoil

    I am showing your comments because I want to show what a complete fuckwit you are.

    You wouldn't dare say thise comments to my face. I dare you to. But of course you won't because you are a fucking coward hiding behind a pseudonym, yelling like a petulant child.

    Fuck off you cunt, don't come back, this will be you last comment ever.

    Oh and in the unlikely event that you do want to say these comments to me or to Coyote in person then by all means email me and arrange your own fucking funeral, dickhead.

    Fucking commies!!! 

  • Coyote

    I'm not taking you're sloppy seconds, the fucker will be a stunned mullet after your training.

  • Anonymous Sooky La-la

    I reckon it could be an interesting duel. Do a bit of weights myself, but not to the point of being a muscle bound no brain.


    Anyway, one day a meathead decided to pick a fight with me. His muscles were way bigger than mine, but he had no agility, no cunning, nor did he see the fire extinguisher I picked up and beat him over the head with.



  • Hmmm….

    Such a shame that Clark wasn't there.

    I'm sure we would have all <i>loved</i> for her to have been there.

    …Like we'd love to have a hole in our head.  Sure, by rights she should be there, being the PM, but who wants to see her face on the front of the newspaper… "Clark attends ANZAC memorial"…