Is this another defeat looming for the government?

Labour must be a glutton for punishment this year, either that or David Benson-Pope is bringing his personal proclivities into the caucus and they all want a good paddlin'.

The latest dumb idea being floated is that of the Minister who Holds Helen's Handbag Judith Tizard.

Her and Helen's "bright" idea is to have a resale royalty for artists. The gift that keeps on giving over and over again. It means artists would receive a royalty payment each time an original artwork was resold on the secondary art market.

Gee Whiz, I guess that means that the artist didn't really sell their painting, rather they are leasing it to long tern leasees.

Here's a thought, when something is SOLD it is SOLD….end of story. 


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  • Coyote

    So has the death penalty scrub.


    Whoo hoo lets start stringn em up! 

  • Shame Helen's painting was destroyed then…

    I look forward to Judith's next woofter idea to cool the housing market –  every time a house is sold the original architect of the house receives a "royalty" payment.


  • But it's done in over 50 countries, so it must be good!


    I guess anything's possible if you ignore private property rights and regard the country as yours to play with…