Labour copping a flogging in yet another poll

Labour has copped another flogging, and a flogging only Panty Slut-Boy would appreciate in the latest Roy Morgan Poll.

National 45.5

Labour 33.5

Winston First 6

Greens 8.5

United Future 2

Maori 2


Labour are in serious, serious electoral trouble and it can only get worse, just wait till Winston starts cutting up rough to carve him out some comfort.


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  • Gee, that's mature. The probability of NZ First jumping to 6 points is pretty remote, suggesting this poll isn't a reliable indicator of the public mood.

  • There is only one poll that matters, and this isn't it. Labour were well behind before the last election and still won. As for NZ First, there is no reason why there should be such a huge variation between this and the last poll. Looks like a 'rogue' to me.

  • Whaleoil

    The only "rogue" is the thieving scum that currently inhabit the Beehive after blatantly stealing an election, now fuck off back to the whatever lefty cesspit you crawled from.

  • Coyote

    Maybe the poll should have been "how much public money have you stolen this year" and been from a sample of 121 politicians.

  • Me :)

    How did labour steal the last election, they got the most votes and made a working coalition, there was no theft. The majority of the public wanted labour (by 1 seat or so) and got it, but yay for the Green's, why does everyone give them a hard time, hopefully kabour flogging has something to do with the stupid moved to allowed 50 ton trucks on our roads, boo the 50 ton trucks

  • Whaleoil

    What are you congenitally stupid, they frigging nicked $800k and spent it all pretty much in the last week.