Latest TV3 Poll

I think there is definately some lag showing here. Labour is untouched despite massive controversy in Health, Corrections plus their meddling in families lives. Winston First is copping a flogging for no apparent reason other than their leader is invisible due to his faux-Foreign Minister status.


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  • Anonymous Sooky La-la

    Depends who they call. TV3's pollster does a random landline sample of residencies, whereas other polling companies might poll only those who actually intend to vote, those on the electoral roll, or those over 18.


    So for example, if a polling company polled political preferences of a 17 year old, that would be distorting since 17yos can't vote.


    Likewise, a 30 year old truck driver who doesn't care about politics and doesn't vote shouldn't be polled either.


    Also, you note that the don't knows were not mentioned either – this means that they were "zeroed out" – so what we see are those who actually express an opinion. But as we know, a lot of people leave their voting decision until the last moment.